What is Amazing in the Beautiful Tuvalu Islands?

After the climate change phenomenon, the beautiful Tuvalu Islands become important element and important part of the climate change discussions in the 21st century. Tuvalu has the largest media coverage because of the climate change issue.

However, those beautiful islands on the Pacific attract travellers, anyway, in spite of the climate change.

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The beautiful Tuvalu Islands consist of two islands and seven atolls. However, the entire sea and land area comprises 4 reef islands and five atolls.

The atolls and the islands from the north to the south include Nanumea Atoll, Niutao Atoll, Nanumaga Atoll, Nui Atoll, Vaitupu, Nukufetau Atoll, Funafuti Atoll, Nukulaelae Atoll and Niulakita.

The largest atolls and islands in land area respectively are Vaitupu, Nanumea Atoll, Nukufetau Atoll, Nui Atoll, Funafuti Atoll, Nanumaga Atoll, Niutao Atoll, Nukulaelae Atoll and Niulakita.

Vaitupu stretches 5.6 square kilometres. Nanumea Atoll stretches 3.9 square kilometres. Nukufetau Atoll stretches 3 square kilometres. Nui Atoll stretches 2.9 square kilometres.

Funafuti Atoll stretches 2.8 square kilometres. Nanumaga Atoll stretches 2.8 square kilometres. Niutao Atoll stretches 2.6 square kilometres. Nukulaelae Atoll stretches 1.9 square kilometres and Niulakita stretches .5 square kilometres.

There are more than 10,477 inhabitants in the beautiful Tuvalu Islands and this number of population makes the islands the 3rd-least populous sovereign state in the world. Most of the populations live in Funafuti, the capital of the islands.

The populous atolls and islands respectively are Funafuti Atoll, Vaitupu, Nanumea Atoll, Nukufetau Atoll, Niutao Atoll, Nanumaga Atoll, Nui Atoll, Nukulaelae Atoll and Niulakita.

There are more than 4,500 inhabitants on Funafuti Atoll and more than 1,200 inhabitants on Vaitupu. Nanumea Atoll has more than 820 inhabitants and Nukufetau Atoll has more than 750 inhabitants.

There are more than 750 inhabitants on Niutao Atoll and more than 650 inhabitants on Nanumaga Atoll. Nui Atoll has more than 600 inhabitants, Nukulaelae Atoll has more than 360 inhabitants and Niulakita more than 100 inhabitants.

The islands lie east of Solomon Islands and on the way between Hawaii and Australia, neighbouring the beautiful Fiji Island, the beautiful Kiribati Island, the beautiful Nauru Island and the beautiful Samoa Island. In land area, the beautiful Islands of Tuvalu are larger than Nauru, Monaco, and the Vatican City.

Most of the administrative centres are in the capital. The airport is on Vaiaku Village, which lies in the southern part of the atoll on Fongafale, Funafala, or Fongafale islet. It is about 12 kilometres long and range between 10-400 metres wide.

A 24 kilometres long and 18 kilometres wide lagoon is on this area with four reef passages.

The airport runs in the widest land in this area. There are some accommodations on the widest part including Vaiaku Lagi Hotel.

The Lands and Survey Department is at the south of the hotel. Radio Tuvalu is opposite of the hotel. Vaiaku Administrative Centre is beside the lagoon.

Funafuti Town Council is at the north of the fusi. The Ministry of Tourism is between the church and the fusi and a marine conservation area is at the west.

The National Bank of the beautiful Tuvalu Islands is in the opposite direction of the building of the airport with money exchange and cash advances on visa and master cards.

The telecommunications and post offices are near the bank and there are public phones outside the offices. The telecom office and the hotel offer call cards too.

Princess Margaret Hospital is near those locations at the south of water whraf. Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau is at the southern part of Vaiaku Town. Manu Travel Services is near the airport. The Marine Travel Office is at the water wharf.

There is a library and archive office near the Philatelic Bureau at the south of Vaiaku Town. The University of the South Pacific is at the south of the hospital.

The popular land transport's vehicles are motorcycles. There are motorcycles rental outlets in Funafuti in addition to the taxi and the minibus services.

The reef passages in Funafuti and Nukufetau are good for boats and ships to enter the lagoons. The beautiful Tuvalu Islands have government owned ships.

MV Nivaga and Manu Folu both cargo and passenger ships work in the inter-island line and go to other islands many times a week. The Marine Travel offer services connected to those ships and there is an agent in the Telecom of the islands.

Those ships go to Suva, the capital of Fiji and the largest city in the island each few months, almost every 3 months in trips that take five days each. There are also trips to Tokelau through Samoua.

The Nei Matagare boat runs between the beautiful Tuvalu Islands, Fiji and Tarawa or Kiribati. There are cargo boats that link the beautiful Tuvalu Islands to Australia, Futuna, New Zealand and Wallis.

Government's fishing boats go also to the outer islands and arrangements for a trip by these boats run through the Fisheries Department in Funafuti.

Polynesian people came from Tonga and Samoa to settle on the beautiful islands of Tuvalu about 3000 years ago. In 1568, the Spanish navigator Alvaro Mendaria discovered the islands during expedition to reach in search of Terra Australis.

After the research work of the English hydrographer Alexander George Findlay during the 19th century, Britain named the nine islands Ellice and united them with Gilbert Islands to form the Gilbert and Ellice Islands' union.

An independence movement began in the neighbouring Tarawa during the 1960s and other political facts concerning Ellice present in the house of representative with Gilbert having the lion share of the seats encouraged Ellice to separate from Gilbert. In 1967, Gilbert had 18 seats while Ellice had 5 seats.

The islanders in Ellice voted in a referendum in 1974 to have separate British dependency status as Tuvalu, leaving Gilbert Islands to become Kiribati upon independence. Tuvalu became the 189th member of the United Nation in 5 September 2000.

For more information about the beautiful Tuvalu Islands, see Tuvalu, beautiful Tuvalu Island, beautiful Kapingamarangi Island.

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In performing various economic analyses for its clients, I have occasionally been asked to investigate the market potential for various products and services in Tuvalu. The purpose of this study is to understand the density of demand within Tuvalu and the extent to which Funafuti might be used as a point of distribution within Oceana. - The 2009 Economic and Product Market Databook for Funafuti, Tuvalu.

How does a young City attorney end up as the People's Lawyer of the fourth-smallest country in the world, 12,000 kilometres from home?

We've all thought about getting off the treadmill, turning life on its head and doing something worthwhile. Philip Ells dreamed of turquoise seas, sandy beaches and palm trees, and he found these in the tiny Pacific island state of Tuvalu.

But neither his Voluntary Service Overseas briefing pack nor his legal training could prepare him for what happened there. - Where the Hell is Tuvalu?

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