Is the Beautiful Karpathos Island Your Next Destination?

The beautiful Karpathos Island is the second largest island after the beautiful Rhodes Island in the Dodecanese Group of Islands in Greece.

It is elongated island in the central south line of this group of islands on the Aegean Sea, that opens into the Mediterranean Sea, off the southeast shore of Turkey and on the way to Cyprus Island.

It lies at the same time on the way between Rhodes Island and Crete Island. The Turks call it Kerpe, the Italian Scarpanto and it is Carpathus in Latin.

The nearest islands in its neighbourhood are the uninhabited Saria Islet at the north, Rodos Island at the northeast and Kassos or Kasos Islet at the southwest.

The beautiful Island of Kos, which is the 3rd largest island in this group of islands is at the northeast of it. All the islands in this group, in addition to the islands in the other groups are well connected with the beautiful Karpathos Island by ferries.

The island stretches to 324 square kilometres including Saria and a range of rugged mountains running from the north to the south protect it. Some beaches, capes and bays scatter around it.

A narrow water passage separates it at the north from Saria Islet, which is part of the Municipality of Karpathos and at the north of this islet is the Karpathos Strait. See beautiful beaches in Karpathos Island.

The island has not suffered too much from historical invasions from other powers in the old ages like most of the other beautiful Aegean Greek islands. So, the population had not faced and escaped political eruptions, as other parts of islands in this group.

The population grows steadily and continues living in their island, although small numbers moved to other parts of Greece and fewer to the United States and other parts of the world.

However, in the Peloponnesian War in 431 BC, Karpathians or Carpathian stood with Sparta, subjected to Rhodes in 400 BC and Rome in 42 BC, and then joined the Byzantine Empire. The Venetians captured the island in 1306 until 1538 when the Ottoman took it and controlled it until 1912.

The Italian dominated the island after that, when the Treaty of Lausanne 1923 made Karpathos with other parts of the Dodecanese Islands Italian possession. Paris Peace Treaties in 1947 gave it with the other islands to Greece and then the island became part of the Greek State on 7 March 1948 with the other islands.

There are more than 6,600 people living in the beautiful Karpathos Island, with the capital city of Karpathos taking more than 2,000 of them.

The most populated towns in the beautiful Karpathos Island are Pigadia, Menetes, Olymbos, Diafani, Ammoopi, Arkasa and Finiki. See beautiful towns in Karpathos Island.

The island is connected by air and sea to the mainland of Greece and to other islands on the Aegean Sea and some ports in Turkey. Frequent flights around the year to the beautiful Karpathos Island are rare.

However, the numbers of weekly flights rise in summer. There are about 20 flights weekly to Athens and from it, about 8 weekly flights to Kasos Island and about 21 weekly flights to Rhodes Island. The airport of Karpathos / Pigadia is about 14 kilometres at the southwest of the city.

Ferries run three times weekly between Piraeus Port in Greece to the ports of Agios Nikolaos and Sitia in Crete Island connecting to Rhodes, Milos, Kasos, and Halki and they reach the ports of Pigadia and Diafani in the beautiful Karpathos Island.

The interior transport is by buses, taxis and some excursions. The main bus terminal is in Pigadia. The schedule of buses includes the routes to the west and south parts of the island and the bus connection to the north with excursion from the Port of Pigadia to Diafani Port.

Boats run daily in summer between these two ports and other boats to the beaches around the beautiful Karpathos Island. There are rental cars and motorcycles services in Pigadia.

Beautiful Towns in Karpathos Island:

The beautiful Pigadia Town is the capital city of the beautiful Karpathos Island. It is modern town that stretches some few kilometres beyond Vrondi Bay at the southeastern coast of the island. The airport is about 14 kilometres at the southwest of the capital city. There are few neoclassical buildings and new cement buildings in the town rising up to some few floors.

It has a wide harbour with the ferry quay located at the north of it, in addition to a long beach with every kind of water sports at the other side of the bay.

The main street, Apodimon Karpathion or Karpathou Kipou runs through the centre of the beautiful Pigadia Town, which lies at a short walking distance from the quay.

The Tourist Information Office is at the centre of the waterfront. The National Bank of Greece has a branch, with ATM at Karpathou Kipou, a short distance from the quay.

From this quay, ferries link Karpathos to the other interior port of Diafani and through it to Olymbos or Olympos. Ferries also connect Pigadia to the other ports of Chalki, Aghios Nikolaos, Heraklio, Milos, Sitia, Piraeus and the beautiful Santorini Island.

The beautiful Menetes Town lies almost at the middle between Pigadia and Arkasa, on a cliff about 9 kilometres at the southwest of the capital of Karpathos.

There are pastel colored neoclassical buildings on the main street and narrow alleyways wind at the back through whitewashed houses. The town has not many things to see here other than a museum and few taverns.

There are more than 500 residents in Menetes Town. However, some sources say that there are 450 people or less than this number.

The beautiful Olymbos Town is the first traditional location on the slopes of Mount Profitis Ilias in the beautiful Karpathos Island. The town is on the north of the island, at a short distance, about 8 kilometres southwest of Diafani and 34 kilometres northwest of Karpathos. It is near the northwestern coast of the island.

There are more than 400 inhabitants in the town engaging in small trade activities, including products from goats, herding and small merchandise. The town of Olympos has old houses with wooden locks and outdoors ovens, where women make their bread and still wear everything possible made of goatskin. See pictures.

People reach this traditional town from Pigadia to Diafani harbour by boats and then take trips through car rental services or by their own. The ferry-route is more convenient than the other roads. So, many tourists take this destination from there. There are some hotels and restaurants in Olymbos. See beautiful hotels in Karpathos Island.

The beautiful Diafani Town is about 28 kilometres at the north of Karpathos. There are more than 300 inhabitants in the town.

It has a small port that connects it daily through excursions to Pigadia and some ferries connect it through the week with other ports as Heraklio, Pireas, Aghios Nikolaos, Santorini, Tristoma, Chalki, Kasos and Milos.

The town has also few rooms, tavernas, ATM, phone cards and mobile services.

The beautiful Lefkos Town is about 31 kilometres at the northwest of Pigadia, 13 kilometres north of Finiki and is about 34 kilometres southwest of Diafani. It is also few kilometres from the coast.

It has a resort at the centre of an area covered by coves. See beautiful beaches in Karpathos. There are some tavernas, rooms and car rentals in Lefkos.

In addition, busses run between the town and Pigadia two times weekly. Small boats take visitors from the small harbour to Sokastro islet to see a ruin castle, besides; there is a Roman ruin in the area.

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