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The capital city of Venezuela lies on the central northern coast of the country, at the south of the Caribbean Sea. The residents of the capital city are Caraquenos.

The history of the city is not that old. The city grew at the end of the Middle Ages, an era known as medieval or mediaeval era that followed the collapse of the Roman Empire in 476 and preceded the modern era.

Precisely, in terms of history, the Middle Ages fall between the 5th century and the 15th century. The beginning of the beautiful City of Caracas started in 1560.

It is the centre of El Distrito Metropolitano de Caracas or the Metropolitan District of Caracas. The Municipality of Caracas is also called the Municipio Libertador de Caracas in Spanish.

Venezuela is a land of many integrated nationalities, mountains, flat landscapes, parks, isles, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, wetlands, cloud forests and is rich by fauna, flora and oil fields.

It is a mixture of all of that and more. All of this mixture of human and natural resources makes the perception of its mysterious beauty.

As we have read in Caracas, the first page I published here some years ago and tweaked lately, the beautiful Caracas City has its own different development from the other Latin American countries and it leads the rhythm of development in the Latinos continent. Yes, this is a new continent ;-)

The videos about the informal City of Caracas imposes great ideas about how people think to develop this amazing city better and make the population live in good conditions in an ever changing world, that led by the fast tempo of development. Nevertheless, the margin of poverty on those populated areas of the city is something to note.

However, that did not rob the city its amazing and sometimes mysterious beauty all the way from the skyscrapers to the hill of barracks at the opposite direction of the centre and on the heights of the city that make what the people call the shantytowns. Here are the 2nd and the 3rd series of the documentary video at the bottom of this article.

The modern impressive architecture of the city exposes its beauty, makes it attractive and adds to the pleasant climate a sense of WOW.

But, the barracks on the shantytown have also their beauty among the population who love those places and those houses they built by themselves or by help from the concerned authorities, in spite of some unpleasant incidents and in spite of the contrast between wealth and poverty.

The fast tempo of life embraces the metro stations, the motorways, lifts, halls and corridors of public buildings, the well-done and beautifully built down or hanging streets, the mosaics, sculptures, the green parks and the falls in the outskirts of the city.

All of this gives the beautiful Caracas City its modern attractive appearance.

The beautiful capital of Venezuela lies in the high spot of about 900 metres on the long, narrow valley amid the rolling hills and both the skyscrapers and the shantytown are viewable from different places in the city.

All together, they impose wonderful picturesque presence that gives the city this mysterious beauty. Its location gives it moderate climate, as it is sunny, with temperatures that reach 22º C and rains from June to October.

With this strong presence of every active modern vehicle, that drives the development and the economy of the country, the beautiful Caracas City became the political, educational, cultural, scientific, art and intellectual centre in Venezuela.

After the oil boom, the authorities replaced most of the colonial buildings by modern buildings. Steal and glass towers engaged by commercial centres grow fast.

The modern constructions include the UCV university campus, the Maiquetia-Valencia freeways, the La Rinconada track for horse racing and the cable car system. All of this was accompanied by the metro system later in the 1980s.

However, some sources say that the tempo of development has clutched due to the economic crisis. Others couldn't understand this, as the Venezuelan GDP total was $346.973 billion in 2010 and the estimate of the per capita was $11,889.

The commercial centres stocked by banks, shops, bureaus, hotels, restaurants and other public buildings fill the area from El Silencio to Chacao in the beautiful Caracas City.

At the El Silencio District are the towers with their 30 floors, the Simon Bolivar Centre and the Plaza Caracas at the foot of the towers since 1983.

The Caracas metro line 1 connects this area with other parts in the capital. The historic quarter is at the west of this area and the Parque Central with its cinemas, theatres and museums is at the east of it.

Further to the east is the commercial district of Chacao. Chacao is a municipality and political and administrative subdivision in the beautiful Caracas City out of five.

In the centre of a pedestrian mall lined with shops, restaurants and hotels at the east is Sabana Grande, with its modern buildings including the high rising Centro Empresarial, modern streets, Boulevard, centres, social life and places for sports, arts, music, dance shows, comedy shows, scatting, city biking, arts and many other pleasures.

Altamira with the Altamira Plaza surrounded by beautiful buildings, restaurants, suites, hotels, tennis clubs, other sports clubs and nightclubs is at the east too.

Las Mercedes, the largest district for shopping and leisure in the entire Latin America is at the south of Chacao and it lies in the Municipality of Baruta in the State of Miranda.

El Rosal is another commercial district at the south of Chacao. All of the attractions here are easily accessible by the metro.

Video Clip from the Beautiful Plaza Altamira, Caracas, Venezuela!

Useful Resources

The 2006 Economic and Product Market Databook for Caracas, Venezuela

In performing various economic analyses for its clients, I have occasionally been asked to investigate the market potential for various products and services in Venezuela.

The purpose of this study is to understand the density of demand within Venezuela and the extent to which Caracas might be used as a point of distribution within Latin America.

From an economic perspective, however, Caracas does not represent a population within rigid geographical boundaries, rather, it represents an area of dominant influence over markets in adjacent areas.

2007 Latin America - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband in Mercosur, Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela

This annual report offers a wealth of information on the telecoms markets in the Mercosur block (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay) and Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela.

The subjects include key statistics, forecasts market, industry overviews, government policies and regulatory issues, historical information, the major players in (fixed-line, mobile, broadband, and pay TV), the telecom (fixed or wireless) infrastructure nationally and internationally, mobile voice, data markets, internet market and VoIP Broadband (DSL, cable, wireless), pay TV and Convergence.

Video Clip from the Beautiful Caracas Informal City, Venezuela -2!

The 2003 Import and Export Market for Chemical Elements in Venezuela

On the demand side, exporters and strategic planners focusing on chemical elements in Venezuela face a number of questions.

Which countries are supplying chemical elements to Venezuela?

How important is Venezuela compared to others in terms of the entire global and regional market?

How much do the imports of chemical elements vary from one country of origin to another in Venezuela?

On the supply side, Venezuela also exports chemical elements.

Which countries receive the most exports from Venezuela?

How are these exports concentrated across buyers?

What is the value of these exports and which countries are the largest buyers?

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Millionaire Match offers dating services for locals in the beautiful Caracas City!

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