100 Beautiful Sporades Greek Islands!

There are less than 100 beautiful Sporades Greek Islands along the Pelion Peninsula, but more than 100 of excitements you can live on any of these group of islands, if you decided to travel for vacation to one of them.

The beautiful Sporades Islands are very near from the mainland of Greece. You can get to any of them through the mainland nearby and see other islands in the neighborhood, while traveling in your holidays. From international locations, you'll find some laissez faire here.

The Sporades are basically the group of islands on the beautiful Aegean Sea at the northeast of the mainland of Greece. At the east of this group is another Aegean Greek Islands group you can read about at 100 beautiful Northeastern Greek Islands.

100 Beautiful Sporades Greek Islands: Skiathos Town.

The other groups of the beautiful Greek Islands on the Aegean Sea are at the south, southeast and the west and they include 100 Beautiful Aegean Islands, 100 Beautiful Cyclades Islands, 100 Beautiful Dodecanese Islands, 100 Beautiful Greek Islands and 100 Beautiful Ionian Islands.

This group of islands is divided into the Eastern Sporades, the Southern Sporades, the Thessalian Sporades, the Thracian Sporades and the Western Sporades. It includes Alonissos, Evia (Eyboia), Gioura, Kyra Panagia (Pelagos), Peristera, Piperi, Skantzoura, Skiathos, Skopelos, Skyropoula and Skyros.

Sometimes the definition limiting an island to belong to a group is very decisive, as some neighboring groups converge into each other. In addition, some islets lie in line between some groups of islands.

Besides, it is clear that the Greek administrational system is always in the move to adjust and recreate the administrational zones of the islands. This why the islands converge and get together in new administrational efforts.

For instance, some of the mentioned islands above are in fact in the north and northeastern group of islands. But, even the geographic definition is sometimes incoherent, something you'll notice when you browse the 100 beautiful islands of the Sporades and the other groups.

The islands are mountainous, with greenery peaks and slopes. They form the beautiful archipelago of the northern Aegean Sea. Many of these islands are uninhabited islands and the inhabited islands are well connected with each other through sea fairies.

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100 Beautiful Sporades Greek Islands: Small Fishing Harbour of Agnontas, Skopelos, Sporades Islands, Greek Islands, Greece, Europe.
Robert Harding

100 Beautiful Sporades Greek Islands Index!

The Beautiful Alonissos Island

The beautiful Island of Alonissos or Alonissos is one of 24 inhabited and uninhabited islands in the Sporades group of islands on the Aegean Sea. It is off the eastern coast of Greece, at the east of the islands of Euboea and Skopelos (the gate of the wind) and very close to the mainland of Greece.

As one of the Aegean Greek Islands, Alonnisos is also considered the most beautiful island, with outstanding hospitality and it has beautiful nature with dreamy atmosphere.

The Beautiful Skiathos Island

The beautiful Skiathos Island is one of the small islands in the Sporades group of islands. It is about 50 square kilometers in size. But, it has more than 20 beautiful beaches, some of which are secluded beaches and reached only by excursion boats from the capital city of the island.


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100 Beautiful Sporades Greek Islands: Hill Town of Glossa, Skopelos, Sporades Islands, Greek Islands, Greece, Europe.
Robert Harding
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