How to Travel to Germany on a Budget?

It isn't necessary that "Travel to Germany on a Budget" saves you money, unless you are determined to get the best deals on cheap travel to Germany, or even to any other place in the world! Through personal travel experiences I will help you to travel on a budget at your limit, or by other words to travel cheap and save money while travelling to Germany, whether you travel from an European country, or from other countries in the world.

From Hannover Central Station, Hannover Hauptbahnhof (Hannover Hbf) to Hannover Centre.From Hannover Central Station, Hannover Hauptbahnhof (Hannover Hbf) to Hannover Centre.

Travelling on a Budget from An European Country to Germany!

So, let's start with travelling to Germany on a budget from an European country and then follow with the other countries. Through the German section of the European category on this network, I will even show you how to live in Germany. Maybe, you are thinking of moving there. So, make sure to check updates from this German section at the blog of this website.

While thinking of travelling to Germany on a budget from an European country, you should first know your destination and the transportation you will take to reach this destination and come back to your home. It is the obvious. When I did this I had all of that in mind and more. What's more?

Hannover City View.Hannover City View.

The Best Cheapest Hotels to Choose!

The more is about how to travel to Germany the cheapest way. That also means how to find or locate the cheapest hotels. Hotels come first because you need a place to stay. This will be your thinking, unless you have a good friend living in your destination who is willing to offer you a stay at his home. That has happened in my travel once.

So, it is not necessary for you to locate a hotel in the centre of your destination. Most of the travellers are concentrating on getting a hotel in the centre of their destination to avoid getting the transport from a place near or away from their destination to the centre of the city.

Well, you can see that means they want to be very near to the attractions of the city and the main facilities and also to save money on local transportation. The costs of local transportation are not really a problem, especially if they find the hotel in the city near-by cheaper than the hotel in the centre of the main destination. So, here again comes the thinking of getting the cheapest hotel.

Normally, the hotels in the center of your destination are very expensive. In rare causes, you will find few with affordable prices. When you choose the best booking company, you will sometimes finds good hotels deals. If you stick with your booking company, you can get rewards that work to reduce the normal price of the hotel. You will find an example through my travel experiences below.

One meal for one person that's enough for two in Marina Restaurant in Hamburg, Germany.One meal for one person that's enough for two in Marina Restaurant in Hamburg, Germany.

The Best Cheapest Transportation!

When you decide on your destination, or whether to take a bus, or a train, you will get the sense of a budget with that "limit to your expectation". You will get that sense also when you decide on which hotel to choose. You might know the bus is cheaper and the train is better when there are discount offers, or when you get the app of the train transportation company.

Another option I see some people doing is taking the train to the last border down and changing to a train that runs to their destinations. There is a chance here, though that you might get a lift on the road to a city on the way to your destination. If you are lucky the pick up will be to a very near city to your destination. It happens.

If you have a lot of friends in your location, chances are that you may know of someone who is travelling in his car to your destination, or to a near city to your destination. That happens, sometimes. I travelled this way once, with some one in his car.

However, I find travelling on a flixbus, which is a German brand, offering intercity bus service in Brazil, Europe and North America, I find it cheaper than travelling in the train and the ticket of the bus is almost half the price of the ticket of the train.

But, the bus isn't comfort and faster like the train and especially like those new trains called bullet trains, which Japan has launched by the Japanese name "Shinkansen" to run between Tokyo and Osaka and to be followed by other European countries. France and Germany were the first.

In addition, the bus may stay longer in some cities on the way to drop or take travellers, or to just rest. When you choose a train book on the one that is fast and direct to your destination although it stops in few major cities. In Denmark, they call this train Inter City Lyn (ICL), which is operating with the long-distance passenger traffic in this Scandinavian country.

Cafe Back Stube, Langenhagen, Hannover, Germany.The cheapest CafeBackStube, Langenhagen, Hannover, Germany.

Travelling to Hamburg Harburg!

The first time I travelled to Germany with my daughter was with someone on his car in 2005. I didn't spend much on that travel. I had already snack packed for me and my daughter and some drinks. There was another girl with us. We stopped on the way twice to enjoy our snacks and drink. The views a long the way were all a delight. The weather was fresh and cold, as I expected and as I always like it.

In the second stop we spent time with the family of the driver and enjoyed a home made meal. Then the driver took us to Hamburg and then Harburg, our destination. I paid him for the oil. You know there are just nice people there, you meet sometimes and they hep you, so you should also be generous.

This nice beautiful city, which is smaller than Hamburg seemed to me as taking its name with a different letter by changing the M in Hamburg to the R in Harburg. It might be not.

I liked it and my sweet daughter was pleased. She was sweet that time, but not now. You know, our kidneys, as I describe them in my culture become ugly when they grow up, specially at this time of total nonsense.

We bought food and drink stuffs from the cheapest German supermarket. I already knew some of them like Aldi and Ledil. They are really cheap and they have food stuffs both packed in bottles, glass and metal tins and fresh raw. They are spicy too. We bought also fruits and different juice.

We enjoyed some tours in the city and I shot videos at that time 18 years ago I might upload here. Even in the tours, the small boats that seemed like sea-bikes didn't cost money. They were actually called so, regardless to the fact that there were no sea at that place, but a canal of it. If you knew of a sea, please let me know in the comments form at the end of the page. Thanks.

We returned home after one week by a train. The total cost of that travel was something I have never imagined it could be possible. It was about 600 Euros. We didn't eat out, but only once to refresh in out-door activity like taking food out. We bought food from well-know cheap German supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl.

The prepared fresh food are different boxes of salat with additional cooked food like falafel and shawarma on pasta in one bucket of salat, or by other word food box. Is this fresh food which is served on such containers a Chinese term?

Travelling to Hamburg Reeperbahn on a Budget!

Hamburg Central Bus Station or taxi services are all beside the station. The taxi is so expensive and it costs you 30 Euros. The first time I travelled to Reeperbahn I was stupid, as the taxi driver asked for 70 Euros. I refused and asked one in the hotel. The driver said 30 Euros. Pay attention to this. Don't act stupid as I did the first time. Reeperbahn is not far from Hamburg Central Station, Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (Hbf), so you can get to get to Reeperbahn easily.

It is only 3 km away and you can walk it, if you knew the direction of the way, or how to use the direction on your smart phone. In fact I walked more than these 3 km when I shot my videos. I didn't feel tired, but I was enjoying the walk, through which I produced so many videos and published them.

The second time I traveled cheaper to Germany I used only to book the hotel in Reeperbahn. I found a discount price for one week. I then took the train to Hamburg. I didn't know how to reach the hotel, which lies on St. Pauli in Reeperbahn, so I took a taxi. That cost me much money, as I paid 30 €. The normal price is 27.41 €. It is expensive.

To avoid this, get out of the central station and just near the gate there are some downstairs to get down and take the metro. In addition, if I knew the direction of the way, I would have walked to the hotel. When I got there, I learned from the receptionist in the hotel how to use the metro to go to Hamburg and get back from there.

I packed food well taking my favourite tea with me in addition to some juice, biscuits, bread, sardine, tuna and even my whisky from home. Milk was my problem, as I am always taking tea-milk at the morning. But, I found a solution. I got the hot milk from the brewing machine in the hotel and I just put the packet of tea on it. The only problem according to my taste was that those brewing machines get you a milk that is not so hot.

Travelling to Hannover Langenhagen on a Budget!

Please read this in the coming days. This is because it is long and I was in this destination two times and I am thinking right now to get it a third visit. You will find it on the updates on the blog. Thanks.

Travel to Germany on a Budget from Other Countries!

You will need to take flights from your destination to Germany. But, if you are thinking of a cheaper travel option, then you have got the sea. Taking a ship is cheaper, even when you consider the cost of sea freight you will find it cheaper than air-cargo. I don't think flying costs are lower a cruise ship, as some sources indicate.

My estimation is based on cargos people are doing even from Europe to Africa. They always ship their cargo by sea. Among these freights, I have seen trucks and other machines shipped by sea. It is obviously that the sea way is longer.

Booking services are a lot and they are competing in offering good services. However, they're a lot of confusions and risks when you view many of them. They are connected with affiliation with many airlines companies and other subsidiaries. You will not sometimes, or most of the time get direct to for example Lufthansa, or Air France, or the Italian Alitalia / ITA, until you get to the proper booking company first. Use the comments form to let me know if you can and how. Thanks.

Look at this example: I asked Lufthansa through their chat window on their website asking of a possibility to buy a ticket directly from the airline. They responded with this:

How does Rail&Fly work? You can easily book your Rail&Fly ticket online with your flight. Add the ticket to your shopping cart - you will find the Rail&Fly option below the flight price. You can find further information about Rail&Fly here:

When I checked the link, I found the following: In cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, you can travel easily to or from your international flight from any station in Germany with Rail&Fly—flexibly and at attractive prices.

It is not like in the old golden days, when you can get directly to any office of these well-known air companies to buy your ticket to the destination of your choice. In addition, there are a lot of nonsense regulations from the state you travel from, with what I call my own "assumption" that the capital, which drives these businesses makes our life difficult and limit the freedom of movement.

To read about such economical matters and learn more about who control your life and how to solve that link to

I am using travel agency, which is a subsidiary of Booking Holdings and it is located in Amsterdam, Holland and owned by Price Line Group. You will be confused if you searched for these companies, as some sources say Booking Holdings owns in addition to,, cheapflights, Ctrip,,, Momono, pentacle,, and

I always find some good airline fairs and hotel fairs with additional discounts, which you can get for example, when you keep booking there and reach your rewards on the Genius status, where the rewards are kept in your wallet. But, you should be careful here to use your rewards at the right time, before they expire. This is obviously one of the ways to save money on travel.

Regarding the issue of rewards, though, I think it is merely for getting you to travel always and as soon as possible, which is a business that is clearly exhausting. Second, rewards shouldn't be expired and limited by time. When rewards are open, it is no matter when you will travel again and by such act of keeping your rewards open, you will get to trust your booking service more and travel with it more.

Regardless to this issue, you can find discounts on some of the hotels like for example the hotels I mentioned on the videos in addition to the existing cheap places where you'll find cheap supermarket's food, cheap restaurant's food, cheap hotels or as they are also called budget hotels, cheap travel, cheap cultural tours including art galleries expeditions and exhibitions, historical places and museums and cheap attractions' tours. You will find even taxis offered with discounts based on what you have on your wallet from rewards.

When you travel to Harburg and other suburbs of Hamburg, you actually take the train from any European country to Hamburg Central Station, which is called Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (Hamburg Hbf) in German. This central station will be also your connection to other German cities, if you travelled from eastern, or northern Europe.

It takes about 1 hour and 19 minutes to get from Hamburg to Hannover. The train runs down to the south from Hamburg. You will normally get discounts and other cheap offers, if you get the apps of the operating railway services. However, the bus is cheaper and there are available bus services provided by flex-bus and other companies. Most of these transportation facilities provide Wifi connection and charging batteries for your electronic devices.

How to Travel to Germany on a Budget!

21 Ways to Travel on a Budget to Germany and Anywhere:

  1. Plan your travel budget. Consider the following steps to reduce expenditure.
  2. Choose the best booking services. Browse & search on However, if you travel in Europe, you book only the hotel.
  3. Travel on available x-buses, flixbuses or similar buses in your area. If you decided to take the train, search for discount fares, or take the train to the last border town and change to the train that runs to your destination.
  4. Use only a backpack. This means travel light to reduce package costs. For long distance travel, use a small wheeled bag in your limits.
  5. Search your destination. You'll find many on with affordable prices to choose from.
  6. Avoid popular destinations. Choose a suburb near-by, instead.
  7. Take the best deals, not the destinations.
  8. Book immediately at the right time.
  9. Travel at the time when your destinations aren’t packed with tourists.
  10. Avoid booking rooms with anything shared, e.g. bathrooms.
  11. Choose refundable deals.
  12. Be aware of hidden fees.
  13. Use cash instead of credit cards to save on conversion rates & the fluctuation of currency market. Floating exchange rates are always fluctuating. There is not any stability in the currency market.
  14. Prepare food at home, pack snacks & fill your thermos.
  15. Buy your food from well-known cheaper supermarkets & eat out less.
  16. Walk most of the time in tours and don't use public transport often.
  17. Use your own towels not any of which you find in the bathroom in the hotel.
  18. Take care of health safety. As mentioned in 10 and 17, in addition to pandemics situations, requirements, etc…
  19. Join tours within your budget. However, don't do that if you are allergic, specially during flu & other pandemics times.
  20. When you find a reliable booking service stick with it to take advantages of their reward points.
  21. Find the cheapest places for vacations.

Germany Hannover Travel on a Budget on a Youtube Channel!

Interesting Guidelines on How to Travel on a Budget to Germany and Anywhere?

If you found the 21 advices about How to Travel on a Budget to Germany and Anywhere useful, please take a moment to say so, or perhaps you might want to write good observation on this page. Thank you for doing this. Use the comments form below.


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