Love Covers Sweden!

by Admin

... and it rules Sweden too!

A person exploded himself in Stockholm last week. Well, you will directly think only one way about this.

You are right. But, did you know what is the what? You are wrong too, respectfully!

It is not such as it seems to you. I am quite sure. This is a more than 50 years' experience that talks to you.

Do Not Fear Such Explosive Behaviours!

Sweden loves all the people. Discrimination or race knows no way to their encyclopaedic sophisticated feelings. (She) is the first good shelter in the world to numerous people from all around the world.

That what makes Sweden unique (I have heard this even inside the UN agencies), gains (her) respect worldwide and makes (her) proper destination for many people.

I have seen many people with worldwide nationalities living happy there, as Swedish. Among them, political refugees acquire Swedish citizenship in around five years.

Some of them acquired it before five years, without any conditions like having a continuous job for 4½ years, which is totally difficult even to nationals and passing two difficult exams even nationals fail in them, that are all designed to prevent them from having nationalities as it happens in a near by country.

UN political refugges still living for more than 10 years in that neighbouring country without a nationality, some of which have not even nationalities of any other country in the world.

Good politicians in Sweden said so many times that they would never be like their neighbouring country treating the UN political refugees badly and legalizing negative treatments against them that reflects badly even on nationals as it appeared in some TV channels.

So, why should a foreigner explode himself in the centre of Stockholm?

What is wrong?

There is nothing wrong with the way the Swedes think about other people.

But, there is many kinds of dirty political games to change Sweden to be fundamentally racist among the few racist states in the area.

There are also well-known paid conspiracies that planned through decades in some bad minds to make Sweden expelling power to all Muslims in that land.

There is also the ignorance of some Muslim people who permit other blind spiritually biased leaders lead them wrong to disturb the peace in the country and get their people back from there to treat them (well) at home.

That made some people blind, searching for ways to terrorize other people and make the entire good situation worse for some other reasons.

However, this will not continue to destroy peace and love will conquer all the conspiracies whether they came from far or near.

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