The Blue Nereid is the Beautiful Amorgos Island!

The beautiful Amorgos Island is a long narrow band of land rises in the Cyclades group of islands on the Aegean Sea.

It is rich by archaeological beautiful sites and there is spreading beautiful nature down the mountains that makes the mixture of beautiful green land and whitewashed houses, blue skies and blue seas, grey sculpture carved mountains with some beautiful buildings and windmills hanging on with steep artistic carved stairs leading to them.

The mountains in the beautiful Amorgos Island touch the clouds and the blue skies and reflect deep in the blue waters.

The rise of the island from the sea is beautiful and inspirational for poets, novelists and painters to write their best verses, romantic fictions or to paint their best pieces of fine arts and for all the people to indulge in the deep blue of the skies and the waters of Amorgos and enjoy the best moments of their lives.

When it rises naked from the deep blue Aegean as a Nereid, the beautiful Amorgos Island wears the colourful spring flowers, the light blue scarf of the skies and the sea and just smiles to you. See beautiful Amorgos sites.

The pleasures of any beautiful place are endless, regardless to the available possibilities that help people get around, feel better and travel deep into the blue.

Those possibilities are not limited in the beautiful Amorgos Island. First, it is one of the beautiful tiny islands in Greece. Second, all the beautiful sites are close to each other and the traveller could see many of them in one day.

The beautiful Island of Amorgos has different names such as Karkisia, Pagali, Patagy, Platagy, Psichia and Yperia. It derives its name from Hozova known as the holy home of the icon of Panagia, Virgin Mary. In the ancient times, people has given the of Aspis to that part of this land, in which the temple of the goddess Aphrodite was erected.

It lies diagonally on between other beautiful Aegean Greek Islands at the southeast of the beautiful Naxos Island, northwest of the beautiful Astypalea Island, east of Ios Island and west of the beautiful Kalymnos Island.

There are only 2 lively tones in the beautiful Amorgos Island. One of those tones is at the western coast and the other is on the southeastern coast, where three of the Amorgos beautiful beaches lie. Amorgos has some beautiful towns and hamlets with numbers of accommodations and five beautiful beaches in Amorgos.

The beaches along the western coast from the north to the south are Aegiali Beach, Agia Pavlos Beach and Baradisi Beach. The beautiful beaches on the eastern coast from the centre to the south are Agia Anna Beach and Mouron Beach.

Acommodations of rooms, apartments, studios and hotels include Alexandros Apartment, Panos Rooms and Barbara Pension in Katapola, Pagali Hotel in Langada, Apollon Studios in Egiali, Michail Studios in Chora and Agios Pavlos Studios in Agios Pavlos. See the second section in beautiful Amorgos sites below the form on this link.

There are small beautiful Greek islets at the northwest of it such as Koufonisi, Keros, Schoinoussa and Irakleia and at the north of it is the islet of Donousa. Very close to it at the northwest, facing Agios Pavlos is the islet of Nikouri or Nikouria and the islet of Gramponisio.

Adjacent to it at the southwest are the islet of Petalidi and the islet of Gramvoussa. Many of those islets comprise the Municipality of Amorgos, make 126 square kilometres of land area and raise the number of inhabitants to more than 2,000.

Amorgos Municipality includes the communities of Aigiali, Amorgos, Arkesini, Katapola, Tholaria and Vroutsis.

The beautiful community of Egiali includes Agios Pavlos, Ormos Egialis and Potamos and there are more than 487 inhabitants in the entire community.

The beautiful Katapola includes Katapola, Lefkes, Nera, Xylokeratidi, Pera Rachidi, Rachidi and Christoulaki and there are more than 485 inhabitants in the entire community of Katapola.

The beautiful community of Amorgos includes Chora or Hora and Kastelopetra and there are more than 414 inhabitants in the entire community.

The beautiful Arkesini includes Arkesini, Kalotaritissa, Kalofana, Mavri Myti and Rachoula and there are more than 218 inhabitants in the entire community of Arkesini.

The beautiful community of Tholaria includes Tholaria and Paralia Tholarion and there are more than 173 inhabitants in the entire community.

The beautiful Vroutsis includes Vroutsis and Kamari and there are more than 82 inhabitants in the entire community of Vroutsis.

The ancient civilization in the beautiful Amorgos Island, some of which were damaged during the earthquake in 1953, appears in the preserved remains of ancient three towns.

Those three towns had autonomous constitution and one currency. Now there are work of architectural arts on the walls of Arkesini Town, remains of ancient towers, ancient tombs, inscriptions, stone tools and tales about the island being the cross land from ancient Ionian towns of Alikamassos, Ephesos and Militos to the other Cyclades islands and Greece.

During its ancient history, the name of the island changed to Amolgon, Amorgian and Amourgon.

During the 630 BC, the poet Semonides of Amorgos began the Samian colony on Amorgos, because he came to the island from the beautiful Samos Island. He invented the concept of (Fr 7) that symbolizes women or according to my understanding femininity.

The concept in my perspective is sculptural and equivalent to the Arabic number 7, the Indian number 7 and Noon, the beautiful letter in the Arabic alphabet, from which few artistic movements began.

The Ottomans called the island Yamurgi during their era in the island in 1566-1829.

The Greek author and grammarian Stefanos Vizantios or Stephanus Byzantinus or Stefanos Vyzantios mentioned in his inscriptions that the three towns known as Arkesini, Minoa, Aigiali or Melania were natural ports or near the natural ports in the west coast of the beautiful Amorgos Island.

He was the author of a geographical dictionary called the Ethnica. I have a little doubt here. This information needs a correction. If something here regarding his name was wrong, you are welcome to correct it through the form on this page. Many thanks.

The capital of the beautiful Amorgos Island and the main port is the beautiful Katapola. The second port town is Aegiali or Egiali or Ormos Aiyalis at the northwest. For more information about beautiful towns in Amorgos continue at the beautiful Amorgos sites ====>>>

Boats run from the ports of Kataploa and Aegiali or Egiali in the beautiful Amorgos Island to other beautiful Greek islands on the Aegean Sea.

In general, Kataploa is linked to Donoussa, Egiali the second port, Folegandros, Heraklio, Ios, the beautiful Kos Island, Koufonissi, the beautiful Laros Island, the Greek Mykonos Island, Naxos, Paros, the beautiful Patmos Island, Piraeus, the Greek Rhodes Island, the beautiful Santorini Island and Schinousa.

Aegiali is linked to some of those islands in addition to Heraklia. About 3, 4 boats run daily from Katapola to the beautiful Andros Island, the beautiful Ios Island and the beautiful Tinos Island.

There are also boats that sail weekly from Katapola to Piraeus in Greece, Astypalea, the beautiful Paros Island and the beautiful Syros Island. One of the ferries, the Express Skopelitis connects to the other island in the little Cyclades and to Naxos.

In the interior transportation, buses run from Katapola to Aegiali and the old town of Hora or Amorgos. Buses also connect Egiali to the village of Langada. Travel agencies in the beautiful Amorgos Island offer additional car rental and motorcycle rental services.

Le Grand Bleu

Some sources say the French film "Le Grand Bleu", the Big Blue or the Deep Blue is shot in the beautiful Amorgos Island and one of the scenes took place in the deep sea and in Le Grand Blue, one of the clubs where vivid nightlife is the best amusement in Egiali.

The film is directed by the French director Luc Besson, in 1988 in English, French and Italian and starred by Jean Marc Barr, Rosanna Arquette, and Jean Reno.

The movie covers France, Italy and the United States. It is about friendship and diving competition featuring the real life of the divers and sport champions Jacques Mayol and Enzo Maiorca.

Useful Resources:

Jean-Marc Barr is a diver with a unique connection to the sea. In sensitive but passive role as Jacques, he has the astounding ability to slow his heartbeat and his circulation on deep dives.

This is "a phenomenon that's only been observed in whales and dolphin, until now," as remarked by one the scientists.

Kooky New York insurance adjuster Joanna, as Rosanna Arquette at her delightfully flustered and endearingly sexy, melts after falling into his innocent baby blues and she follows him to Italy.

There he continues a lifelong competition with boyhood rival Enzo, played by Jean Reno in a performance both comic and touching.

Jean-Marc Barr in his role as Jacques in the Big Blue movie breaks the waves and his friend Enzo, played by Jean Reno is another professional diver and his rival.

They are masters of free diving and they have made a career out of this hard competition. Jacques has unusual bond with the sea, which has developed into obsession with diving.

Enzo thrives on the challenges of its inherent danger. Rosanna Arquette plays the role of Johanna. Jacques attracts her by his innocent qualities, so she follows him across Europe to share his adventures triumphs and ultimately tragic bond with Enzo.

Video Clip from the Beautiful Amorgos Island!

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Millionaire Match offers dating services for locals in beautiful Amorgos Island.

Get married with Greek marriage celebrations and do not forget to invite us to your marriage, or send us your marriage photos and videos, so we could take some Greek cheers for your health and that of yours!

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