Beautiful Beaches in Limnos!

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Beautiful Beach in Limnos Island

Beautiful Beach in Limnos Island

It is said that there are more than 30 beautiful beaches in Limnos Island. However, the beautiful beaches in Limnos are few and to some points, even those few beautiful beaches in Lemnos Island may not be of many interests to some visitors.

There are four beaches on the western coast of the island and most of them are in deep bays and well protected from the winds. Some of those beautiful beaches in Lemnos are very near to the historical sites in the island.

There are two beaches in Myrina on the upper part of the Bay of Myrina and the southern part of it. One of those beautiful beaches is Rea Maditos beach. It is wide and sandy beach.

The second beautiful beach is Romeikos Gialos beach. This beach is narrow long beach with some areas of sand. It begins on the other side of the castle. Romeikos Gialos beach continues further until Riha Nera.

Riha Nera beach is Shallow beach and it is ideal for children. The shallow waters are enjoyable and the sunset and the sunrise attract people to enjoy good moments at the beach.

The beach is also popular because the nightlife in the area around Myrina begins along this beach. Many beautiful hotels in Limnos are in the area of the beach.

Plati Beach is at the second bay south of Myrina. It is unspoiled, organized and popular beach in Limnos. The beach has crystal waters stretching to some 700 metres with taverns, bars, studios and hotels.

The area above the beach is rich with nature and the trees stretch on the area above the beach. For its unique location, the nature and cleanliness it has rewarded the Blue Flag from the Blue Flag Organization. One of the hotels here takes the name of the beach. The second hotel is Lemnos Village Resort Hotel.

There is a sheltered sandy cove with a beach and an islet on the bay south of Limnos Village Resort Hotel. The beach in this area is less crowded.

Thanos Beach is on the next bay around from Platy and less crowded. It is also long sandy beach surrounded by volcanic rocks on the most beautiful area of the bay.

There are some taverns at the beach. You reach it by taking the main road from Platy to the hamlet of Nevgatis, on the next bay and then keeping along the windy road along the coast to reach the village of Kontias where you find the area marked by a row of old windmills.

Agios Ioannis Beach is long stretched sand beach at the north of Myrina and about 1.6 kilometres northwest of Kaspakas. It is about 6.4 kilometres from Myrina and it takes 11 minutes drive.

Volcanic rocks surround the beach and there are some fishing huts, scattered houses and few taverns. One of the resorts here is Hotel Porto Plaza Beach Resort.

Keros Beach on the eastern coast of Limnos is about 1.6 kilometres east of Kalliopi Village. It is long stretched sandy beach in the remote area between the Limni Aliki Lake and Limni Chortarolimni Lake.

The beach has shallow turquoise waters and is ideal for windsurfing and kite surfing businesses. Flamingos fly to the sandy beach and the turquoise waters in summer and the beach has windsurfing and kite surfing offered by the windsurfing club in Keros.

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