Even Birds Fly to Beautiful Lesvos Island!

Yes, even the birds fly to the Beautiful Lesvos Island!

The beautiful Lesvos Island, Mytilini in the northeastern Aegean Sea group of islands is the third large island among the beautiful Greek Islands after Crete Island and Evia / Euopia or Euboea Island.

The rest of the first ten largest islands in Greece are:
- the beautiful Lesbos Island in the north Aegean Sea group of islands,
- the beautiful Rhodes Island in the Dodecanese group of islands,
- the beautiful Chios Island, in the northeastern Aegean Sea group of islands,
- the beautiful Kefallonia Island in the Ionian group of islands,
- the beautiful Corfu Island in the Ionian,
- the beautiful Limnos Island / Lemnos and the beautiful Samos Island, in the northeastern Aegean Sea group of islands.

The beautiful Island of Lesvos is a mountainous island that covers 1,637 square kilometres and it has the biggest number of 93,428 inhabitants.

However, in spite of its mountainous nature, the lands in the east and the south are fertile and rich with olives groves, fruits and pasture.

The rich nature contributes to the farming industry of olive oil, milk and cheese and the fishery in the Gulf of Kalloni produces the best sardines in the area.

The beautiful Island of Lesvos is also famous for its birds breeding resort during the spring, which makes it the best destination for bird watching in the area.

Numbers of the Mediterranean migrated and breeding birds varies, but generally, more than 330 species of bird migrate to it, among them are scops owl, Falcon, glossy ibis, black and white stork, sandpiper, cinereous bunting, olive tree warbler and nutthatch. See the complete Birding on the Greek Island of Lesvos

, written by Richard Brooks.

As sancture of birds, Lesvos has many birds watching areas, among them are Skala Kallonis or Skala Kalloni, Eresos, Agiasos and Petra Beautiful Lesvos Island.

Beautiful Lesvos Island or Lesbos Island is also one of the old islands on the Aegean Sea. It is the birthplace of few musicians, painters and poets, among them are Arion, Sappho, Terpander and Theophilos.

The poet, and singer on the cithara, Arion (625-585 BC) was born there and invented dithyrambic poetry, which close to epic poetry. See Poet Arion of Lesvos.

The poetess, Sappho (630 or 612 BC- 570 BC) was born in the beautiful Lesvos Island. See Poetess Sappho of Lesvos.

The composer, Terpander was born there in the 7th century and known as a composer of (al-khamryat songs; as Omar al- Khayyam). See Terpander, the composer of Lesbos.

The philosophers, Aristotle (384-322 BC) who was a student of Plato, the Greek Philosopher and the teacher of Alexander the great lived in the beautiful Lesbos Island and taught philosophy there, as well as the philosopher, Epicurus who was born in the beautiful Samos Island in 341 BC and died in Athens in 270 BC.

The painter, Theophilos (1866-March 22, 1934) was born in Vareia near Mytilene in the beautiful Lesbos Island. He has a museum by his name in Vareia.

I read in a travelling guide that the romantic poet Odysseus Elytis (November 2, 1911-March 18,1996) was born in the beautiful Lesbos Island, but found later in a different source that he was born in Heraklion in Crete. Odysseus Elytis or Odysseas Alepoudhelis won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1979.

For all these remarkable events and other cultural and innovative factors, the beautiful Lesbos Island became the headquarters of the University of the Aegean.

Lesvos is linked to Greece, Turkey and other islands on the Aegean Sea by daily and weekly ferries. There is a ferry evey half an hour from the Gulf of Yera to Perama, and Koundourdou in summer.

In the hot season, there is one ferry daily to Piraeus Port via the beautiful Chios Island and three boats weekly run on the same line.

Two ferries link it weekly with Kavala via Limnos/Lemnos, one ferry goes weekly to Thessaloniki via Limnos and one ferry runs weekly to Alexandroupolis.

Ferries run also four times weekly to Ayvalik Port in the northwestern caost in Turkey, a port that is full of resorts and tourism traffic, feeding tourism industry in Turkey very well.

Interior bus transportantion runs from the capital city of Lesvos, Mytilinin starting from the long distance bus station.

In the hot season, there are five buses daily to Mithymna via Petra, five buses daily to Plomari resort in the southern coast, three buses daily to Skala Eresou via Eresos and two buses daily to Sigri.

The numbers of buses drop after the hot season. See bus traffic, car driving, distination, routes and times at beautiful towns in Lesvos.

Important cities and towns in the beautiful Lesvos Island are Mytilini, the capital city and the port of the island, Mithymna, Petra, Skala Eresou, Skala Kallonis and Agiasos, all of which have toursits' attractions on beaches, resorts and other natural beautiful locations. See beautiful villages in Lesvos, beautiful beaches in Lesvos and beautiful hotels in Lesvos.

Beautiful Lesvos Island - Useful Resources

Where did the trees go? The vegetational and environmental history of Lesvos Island during the last glacial period

Here's a book that presents an account of the vegetational and environmental changes, which occurred on Lesvos Island, Greece, during the last glacial period.

Based on high-resolution pollen and sediment analyses it provides the most detailed record from Greece and western Turkey to date.

Six tephra layers and multiple radiocarbon dates are used to develop its chronological framework. During the late MIS 4 cold and arid conditions prevailed and the landscape was characterised by increased erosion rates and the dominance of grassland/steppe.

Arboreal populations (dominated by Pinus and to a lesser extent deciduous Quercus) expanded during the interstadials of MIS 3, suggesting increases in precipitation and temperature.

During intervening stadials, steppe dominated the area indicating reversals to arid and cold conditions.

Only a small portion of MIS 2 is represented in the sequence, showing a short-lived expansion of trees.

The observed vegetational oscillations are in concert with North Atlantic millennial-scale climate variability and provide evidence towards the geographical extent of this variability in southern Europe and the response of ecosystems.

Where did the trees go?: The vegetational and environmental history of Lesvos Island during the last glacial period

Sunflower Landwcapes Lesvos: a countryside guide

Beautiful Lesvos Island - one of the larger Greek islands off the west coast of Turkey is becoming increasingly popular with walkers, botanists and bird-watchers. This guide includes: topographical walking maps; a fold-out touring map; many short walks and picnic suggestions - suitable for hot summer days and for those with young children; and a unique update service with specific route-change information.

Sunflower Landwcapes Lesvos: a countryside guide (Sunflower Guide)

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