Beautiful Sights Andros!

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Most of the beautiful sights in Andros are at the beautiful Andros Island here. However, here are some important sights to visit in Andros Island, Greece. I think it is very important to follow the name of the island by Greece, as whenever, I use the name of the island I found the other island in the Bahamas.

Beautiful sights seeing in Andros include the Archaeological Museum, the Modern Art's Museum, the Nautical Museum, the Folklore Museum, the Bronze Statue, Plateia Kairi and the beautiful Andros beaches here.

Two of the museums are in the capital city of Andros (Hora). They started as property of Vasilis and Elise Goulandris and then they donated them to the state.

The Modern Museum of Art or Goulandris Museum: The museum started in 1979 by exhibiting samples of the sculptor Michalis Tobros. It is located in the centre of Andros Town and down the steps that lead from Plateia Kairi to the old harbour in the town.

The Museum of Contemporary Art exhibits in its main gallery the works of famous Greek artists and it exhibits every year the works of international artists such as the French artists Henri Matisse and the Spanish Cubist artist Pablo Picasso.

The Archaeological Museum: The Greek architect Stamos Papadakis designed the museum and the construction began in 1981 in Plateia Kairi, the central square in Hora. It displays remains and findings of the Greek ancient civilizations.

Among these remains are findings from the settlement of Zagora and the settlement of Paleopolis on the eastern coast of the beautiful Andros Island from the 9th-8th century BC. See beautiful Andros towns.

In addition, the museum displays finds from the Byzantine and Roman times. Among these items is a marble copy of the bronze statue of Hermes of Andros made by the sculptor Praxiteles. The statue was discovered in Paleopolis in 1832.

The Nautical Museum - the Maritime Museum: The naval museum displays some nautical objects among them are collections of models of ships in addition to maritime findings, and the traditions of sailors and fishermen.

The Folklore Museum: The museum is at the entrance of Andros Town. It opens foremost during summers and exhibits traditional items.

The Bronze Statue: This is a big statue of unknown sailor or the missing or lost sailor on the sea. The statue is in Plateia Riva. The classical Greek sculptor Michael Tombros (1889-1974) built it to celebrate the sea traditions of Andros.

In addition, one of the remarkable works of Michael Tombros is the statue of general Karaiskakis, hero of the Greek revolution in 1821.

Seemingly, the idea of the statue resembles and reminds people of the Statue of the Unknown Soldier or the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

David Railton conceived that the first time in 1916 while he was serving in the British army during the First World War in the western front after he read the words "An unknown British soldier" on a grave. However, one of the citizens of Andros made the Bronze Statue of the unknown or the missing sailor.

Palaeopolis Ancient Harbour: Remains of the ancient capital of the island are underwater. In addition to the ruins of Palaeopolis, the ancient harbour breakwater can still be seen underwater. Andros was a metropolis of four colonies in Chalkidiki and Strymon bay in the 7th century BC. The pirates robbed many of the ruins of the ancient capital.

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