Beautiful Naxos Beaches!

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The long sandy beaches in Naxos are signs of natural beauty. The natural beauty breathes on the natural view around the coasts of Naxos.

Most of Naxos Beautiful Beaches extend from the north to the south on the western coast.

Many resorts, hotels, appartments, studios and villas near the Beautiful Naxos Beaches. Some of them are at Naxos Hotels.

Here are some Beautiful Naxos Beaches! You can use either the search tool on Beautiful Naxos Island or the map below to locate more beaches, bus stations, ports, attractions etc...

  • Plaka Beach at the central eastern coast.

  • Kastraki Beach near the southwestern coast.

  • Aliko Beach near Agiassos.

  • Mikri Vigla Beach near the southeastern coast.

  • Agios Prokopios Beach (Saint Prokopios ) in Agios Prokopios Village.

  • Saint George Beach (Agios Georgios Beach) in Naxos Town.

  • Agia Anna Beach (Saint Anna) at Agia Agia Anna Village.

  • Pyrgaki Beach (Pirgaki) in Pyrgaki Village.

  • Orkos Beach at Mikri Vivla.

  • Kalandos Beach at the south.

  • Agiassos Beach at the southwestern coast.

  • Ammos Beach at the southeastern coast.

  • Moutsouna Beach at the central eastern coast.

  • Psili Ammos Beach near the central eastern coast in Moutsouna.

You are welcome to correct any wrong information in this list of Beautiful Naxos Beaches. You can add some other beautiful beaches in Naxos to it and upload pictures too through the comment link below.

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