Beautiful Hotels, Chios Town!

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Beautiful Hotels in Chios Town (not in the entire Island of Chios) include the following hotels. Note that the first set of beautiful hotels in Chios Island is here at this link.

Hotel Diana on Eleftheriou Venizelou 92, at the centre of the bay-line is about 220 metres from Chios Port, 50 metres from Chios Rooms, 400 metres at the northwest of Chios Chadris Hotel, 400 metres from Argentikon Luxury Suites and about 850 metres east of Grecian Castle Hotel. Diana Hotel is about 2.5 kilometres from Chios Airport and it takes about 5 minutes drive.

Argentikon Luxury Suites on Argenti Giazou 1, at the northwest near the centre of the town is about 400 metres from Chios port, 450 metres from Voulamandis House Hotel, 3.2 kilometres from Chios airport and it takes about 7 minutes drive. The nearest hotels mentioned above are few metres from Argentikon Luxury Suites.

Voulamandis House Hotel on Fragovouni 117, in the neighbourhood of Argentikon and the other beautiful hotels in Chios mentioned above is about 800 metres from Chios port and 3.8 kilometres from Chios airport and it takes about 8 minutes drive. Southeast of it about 700 metres is Chios Chandris Hotel and Hotel Keyma Chios about 1.4 kilometres.

Aghia Markella on D. Geoganti at the southeast of the centre of Chios Town is about 1.7 kilometres from Voulamandis House Hotel, 1.1 kilometres at the south of Chios port taking 3 minutes drive and is about 2.5 kilometres from Chios Airport and it takes 5 minutes.

Mavrokordatiko Hotel on 1. Mitaraki, Kampos, Chios is at the southwest almost at the end of the runway of Chios Airport. The hotel is about 1.5 kilometres from the airport and it takes 2 minutes drive, and is about 3.9 kilometres from Chios port and it takes 8 minutes drive.

Perivoli on 11 Argenti Street in Kambos is about 800 metres at south of Mavrokordatiko Hotel, 1.7 kilometres south of Chios Airport, taking 3 minutes drive and is about 4.5 kilometres away from Chios port and it takes 9 minutes drive.

Perleas Mansion on Vitiadou Street in Kampos at the south of Chios Town is at the south of Mavrokordatiko Hotel and Perivoli, about 550 metres and 270 metres from them both respectively.

The Mansion is about 4.4 kilometres from Chios port and it takes 9 minutes drive. It is near Chios airport and at the south of it. From the Chios Airport, it is about 1.8 kilometres and it takes 2 minutes drive.

Situated in an area of low peaks, there are small streams crossing its gardens. The road to it through Kambos runs across a rich area of orange, citrus, olive and linden trees.

It occupies an old building from 1640. It has 7 apartments in the first floor, large rooms with large windows offering good views of beautiful gardens. Its services include traditional Greek Cuisine.

Check beautiful hotels in Chios Town on the map at the link above. You will know more through some useful experiences on this map. Some beautiful hotels in Chios Town appear between the roads. You can locate more by either clicking on the arrows or holding your mouse while clicking and moving it left, right, up and down.

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