The Municipalities of Chios are Ten!

The ten municipalities of Chios make the administrational zones of the beautiful Chios Island. Ten seats of municipalities make the ten beautiful towns in Chios, and the ten beautiful villages in Chios, but not the ten beautiful beaches in Chios, as the direction of this starting paragraph suggests.

Here are the ten municipalities in the Island of Chios.

Municipality of Chios: There are about 52 villages in the municipality. The municipality stretches to cover few kilometres of the 904 square kilometres of the island from the central eastern coast to the interior at the back.

It is bordered by the Municipality of Kardamyla at the north, the Municipality of Omiroupoli at the west and the Municipality of Kampochora at the southwest.

It is one of the eight municipalities in the islands. The other two municipalities are off-island. Read about them at the end of the article.

The number of residents in the entire Chios Municipality reached 53, 817 inhabitants in 2001. Some 32,400 of the residents live in the capital Chios Town. The municipality of Chios makes the prefecture of Chios. See beautiful towns in Chios for more information. Korai Library in Chios is one of the important libraries in Greece.

Municipality of Kardamyla in the northeast of the island, neighbouring Chios at the south and the Municipality of Amani at the west is 30.9 kilometres from Chios Town and it takes 62 minutes drive.

It ends at the northeast corner with a coast facing Oinousses on the east. Covering 182 square kilometres, it is the third largest area in Chios with 2,921 inhabitants.

Kardamyla town, the seat of the municipality is on the small bay with 776 inhabitants.

Marmaron town has a bigger number of 1,045 inhabitants. It has a large painted V sign on the cliffs facing the village, as an emblem of the Allies victory in World War 11.

To the north are some villages where cherries grown as Amades, Viki and Kambia or Kampia. The annual cherry festival begins in June in Kambia.

The tallest mountain in Chios Island, Mount Pelineon is in this northern region of Kardamyla. See beautiful towns in Kardamyla for more information.

Municipality of Amani occupies the northwestern part of the island of Chios, Greece. Covering 158 square kilometres in this area, it is the forth largest municipality among the municipalities of Chios.

It has 2,668 citizens living in some 15 districts that cover the area from the tip of the northwestern coast until the borders of the Municipality of Kardamyla at the south of it and the Municipality of Omiroupolis at the east of it.

The seat or the capital of the municipality Volissos is on the hillside of Mount Amani at the centre of the other villages in the municipality. See beautiful towns in Chios and beautiful villages in Chios.

It has small fishing port in Limnia on the northwestern coast. It is about one kilometre from Limnos at the north of it and it takes 12 minutes on foot and is about 2 minutes drive from Volissos.

People find caiques sometimes leaving for the Island of Psara, at the northwest. See beautiful towns in Amani for more information.

Municipality of Homeroupolis (Omiroupolis) is 155 square kilometres large and it has 7,335 inhabitants

It is in the central part of Chios at the northeast of the island about 5 kilometres from Chios Town and it spreads from Vrondados on the eastern coast to Sidirounta on the western coast, as a belt in the wrong place above the centre of Chios.

It is the fifth largest municipality among the municipalities of Chios and the second populated municipality. The northern town, Vrondados is a seat of the municipality with 4,554 inhabitants. The largest towns are Lagkada with 916 inhabitants, Karyai with 763 inhabitants and Sykiada with 571.

Locals claim that Homer was born and lived there and say its famous stone or Daskalopetra was the stone chair of Homer.

The municipality has an archaeological site called the Teacher's Rock to confirm the claims. The name of the municipality refers to him. See beautiful towns in Omiroupolis for more information. There are some beaches on the eastern coast of the municipality. See beautiful beaches in Chios.

Municipality of Kampohoron or Kampochora occupies 51 square kilometres south of the centre of the island in area bordered by Omiroupolis at the north, Chios at the northeast, Agios Minas at the east, Mastichochoria at the south and the southwest, and Ionia at the south and the southeast.

It is the only landlocked municipality among the municipalities of Chios Island and one of the smallest municipalities in addition to Ionia and Agios Minas, but it is the fifth in numbers of population.

There are 3,154 inhabitants in the Municipality of Kampochora and most of them live in the capital or the seat of the municipality, Chalkeio or Chalkio or Halkio almost in the centre of Chios. See beautiful Chios Island, beautiful towns in Chios and beautiful villages in Chios.

The other populated towns in Kampochora Municipality are Agios Georgios Sykousis, Dafnon and Vasileonikon. See beautiful towns in Kampochora for more information.

Municipality of Ionia occupies 48 square kilometres on the southeastern coast south of Agios Minas. It is bordered by Agios Minas at the north and the north east, Kampochora at the northwest and Mastichochoria at the west and the southeast.

It is one of the smallest municipalities of Chios in addition to Agios Minas and Kampochora but it is the forth in numbers of population in the beautiful Chios Island.

There are 4,650 people living in the municipality; most of them are in the seat of the municipality, Kallimassia, Kallimasia or Kalimasi√°, Hellas. There are 930 inhabitants in the seat of the municipality. The other important towns are Nenita, Tholopotami and Katarraktis. See beautiful towns in Ionia for more information.

In history, Ionia is the birthplace of Hippocrates and the Ionian revolt during the 4th century BC and the 5th century BC.

At that time, the Ionian name was dominant in lands from the eastern Turkey to include most of the islands on the Aegean Sea up to the Ionnian Islands off the southwestern shore of Greece and Ioannina up in the main land of Greece.

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Municipality of Agios Minas is on the centre of the eastern coast and south of Chios covering an area of 13 square kilometres. It is the smaller among the municipalities of Chios followed by Ionia and Kampochora respectively.

Agios Minas is bordered by Chios Municipality at the north, Kampochora Municipality at the northwest and the west, Ionia Municipality at the west and the south.

There are 2,686 inhabitants in the entire Agios Minas Municipality; most of them are in Thymiana the seat of the municipality. The other largest town is Neochori at the northwest of Agios Minas.

Here is the popular main beach resort in Chios Island in Karfas on the eastern coast. See beautiful beaches in Chios Island.

Thimiana at the south of Vrontados is the famous village in Agios Minas and the monastery of Agios Minas is near the seat of the municipality on the top of the hill. Neochori is the second large town with 521 inhabitants. See beautiful towns in Agios Minas. for more information.

Municipality of Mastichochoria is one of the fast municipalities of Chios in area occupying the entire southern part of the island from the west to the southeast and expanding to 211.7 square kilometres.

Some municipalities such as Omiroupoli Municipality at the north, Kampochora Municipality at the northeast and Ionia Municipality at the east border it.

Mastichochoria Municipality is the biggest municipality in area in Chios Island and the third in numbers of population. Around 20 medieval villages some of which the Genoese have built in the 14th century on hills or hillsides are covered by mastic trees.

These are important source of the economy of Chios Island for many centuries. The mastic trees provided mastic gum for merchants through the Middle Ages onwards and mastic is used in the pharmaceutical industry and chewing gum production.

There's a Museum of Mastic in Pyrgi or Pirgi. There are 4,744 inhabitants in the Municipality of Mastichochoria; most of them live in Pyrgi the seat of the municipality, Kalamoti, Armolia, Mesta and Lithio. See beautiful towns in Mastichochoria. There are some beautiful beaches at the southeast and the southwest. See beautiful beaches in Chios Island.

Municipality of Oinousses is one of the municipalities of Chios off the main island. It is at the northeast of Chios Island on the Strand of Chios between Turkey and Chios. It combines 9 islets with an area of 17 square kilometres, but the only inhabited is Inousses Island.

It is 8 kilometres from the western coast of Turkey and 2 kilometres from the northeastern coast of Chios Island.

There are 1050 inhabitants in the Island of Inousses. The seat of the municipality is Oinousses and it has small port where 999 inhabitants live depending on fishing and sheep farming.

It gets hard currency from exporting fish from its three fish farms to France and Italy. Most of the population inhabits in the seat of the municipality but there are other very small settlements in Kastron where 32 people live and in Aspalathrokampos where 19 people live

There had been many Greek ship-operating companies in the island in the past. It is called Inousses, Aignoussa and Egnoussa.

The Municipality of Oinousses is about 26.4 kilometres from Chios Town and it takes 55 minutes by a ferry. Daily water taxis arrive to it from Langada. There are beaches, one of them at Kastro in this hilly island, some abandoned houses and mansions and one expensive hotel.

Municipality of Psara is one of the municipalities of Chios off the main island. It is a rocky island that occupies about 45 square kilometres and it includes the small island of Antipsara at the northwest of Chios Island. It is about 150 kilometres from Athens and 22 kilometres from the northwestern coast of Chios Island.

There are 422 inhabitants in Psara Island; most of them are living in Psara, the seat of the municipality and the only village in the island.

There is a small port here connecting the island with ports in Greece and with Chios Town 3 times weekly in addition to Limnia or Limnos the small port in the Municipality of Amani.

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