Santorini Small Villages!

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Some more small villages in Santorini!

The small village of Firostefani at the north of the capital city, Fira looks like extension to it at the north on the edge of the cliff vis-à-vis the Caldera. The distance is (walk-able) especially under the sun and via beautiful natural views.

The small village of Monolithos at the east is 7 kilometres far from the capital and it takes 12 minutes drives. It is a small village on the eastern coast, near the airport and it has white houses and narrow streets. There are 405 inhabitants in the village.

The small village of Vourvoulos in the interior at the north of Fira is 2.6 kilometres far from the capital and it takes 4 minutes. The village is about 1.3 kilometres from Imerovigli at the west of it and it takes 2 minutes. It has buildings that date back to the year 1547, traditional houses, winery production, a harbour and a fishing port.

The small village of Messa Gonia south of the capital and near the west coast is 8.5 kilometres far from Fira on the way to Kamari at the south and it takes 15 minutes drive. The residents were resettled in Kamari after the earthquake in 1956.

It is north of Perissa on a short distance from it, but it seems the road there is not strait. It runs through Exo Gonia, Pyrgos Kallistis, Megalochori and Emporio. This traditional village is surrounded by vineyards and is one of the important wines producers in the island.

The small village of Exo Gonia at the south is 6.2 kilometres from the capital and it takes 10 minutes drive. It is 3 kilometres far from Messa Gonia and Pygros. This small traditional village has beautiful houses and narrow streets. There is a cultural centre that was a tomato-paste factory in the past.

The small village of Emporio at the south of Fira is 8.8 kilometres far from the capital and it takes 13 minutes by car. It is 3.2 kilometres from Perissa at the eastern coast and is about 5.1 kilometres from Akrotiri at the west. The village is situated at the beginning of the heights of Profitis Ilias Mountain.

The small village of Finikia on the way to Oia at the north is 8.8 kilometres far from the capital and it takes 13 minutes drive. There are 50 inhabitants in this traditional village and it takes a few minutes walk from Oia.

The small village of Karterados Village at the south of Fira is 2 kilometres from the capital on the way to Messaria and it takes 4 minutes drive. It is 2.9 kilometres from Mesaria at the south of it and it takes 5 minutes drive. This village is surrounded by vineyards.

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