The Culture of Olympia has Influence Elsewhere!

by Khalid

Mount Olympus, Greece

Mount Olympus, Greece

There was a great Greek community survived in Sudan for a long time. Greeks had many groceries, bars and other businesses in a flourished society that time until a mad military dictator expelled them in the seventies.

Many of their children were born and grown in Sudan. Few of them had married to Sudanese women and their family live there until this moment.

The Greeks are nice people and they enrich the Sudanese culture by their oriental culture. The Sudanese poet, Salah Ahmed Ibrahim wrote very nice love poetry in which he mentioned some Greek gods and goddesses. That poetry is now a Sudanese song.

Here are some lines of the poetry:

I wished, oh thee Maria,
I am sitting atop the Olympus,
Surrounded by the brides,
Sipping the pure wine of Bacchus,
And though when the ecstasy,
Creeps through my veins,
I fall and call: Oh, girls
Play the lute delicately,
And bring the songs on to Maria.

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