Naxos Colours the Greek Mythology!

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Minos was a king in Crete. The mythology says when the God Poseidon got angry of King Minos he decided to punch him. Therefore, he induced King Minos' wife, Pasiphae to be bewitched by a white bull.

She gave a birth to a creature half a bull and half a human called the Minotaur and then died.

Minos got angry, imprisoned the Minotaur in a labyrinth, and began to feed him annually by human blood and sacrifices of young Athenians.

His daughter, Ariadne began to hate her father for this. When she was ten years old, she began to know from her monstrous half brother about the nature of his father and her father.

When Greek Prince Theseus, the son of King Aegus arrived with other 13 Athenians in one of the annual sacrifices, Ariadne saw him and fell in love from the first look. She gave him a sword to kill the Minotaur and held the end of the thread to lead him out of the labyrinth.

The Cretan princess left home and sailed with Theseus and his fellows to Athena. They reached the beautiful Naxos and wanted to get some food and water. She slept in the island and when she woke up she found that Theseus have sailed and left her in Naxos.

One of the satyrs in the Naxos found her and led her to Dionysus and the God of wine married her.

The legends have different interpretation to Theseus’ behaviour when he deserted his saviour and the one he loved. One story in the legend says that he forgot to take her with him.

The second says he did that because the god Hermes or Minerva told him in his dream to leave her in the island because the Fates decided her to be wife of one of the gods in the island.

In a third story, Dionysus told Theseus in his dream that the Fates had reserved Ariadne for him.

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Theseus and Athens.

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