Santorini Beaches!

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Other beaches in Santorini include the following beaches:

Vourvoulos Beach is on the western coast about 2.1 kilometres from the village of Vourvoulos and it takes 3 minutes drive. It is one of the black beaches in Santorini, small and quiet beach and it is not good for swimming.

There is another beach here called Pigadia Beach. The two beaches are 7 kilometres far from the capital city of Fira. Read about this village at Santorini Small Villages here.

Ammoudi Beach or Amoudi Beach is on the Caldera near the fishing harbour in Oia Village. Since its high, either you can reach it on foot or on mules as there is no other way to reach it.

It is adventurous to get there and some people love that to enjoy the shadows of the colourful volcanic rocks on the sea, the caves and the taverns.

It is good for swimming in turquoise water. There are two other beaches by this name at the east of Plakias in Crete and the second is in Zakynthos in Zante Island.

Koloumbos Beach or Kolumbo Beach is one of the black beaches at the east of Baxedes Beach and is 4.5 kilometres far from Oia at the north of the island.

It is calm, good for swimming and it has a good view of Ios Island in good weathers. Columbo Beach is also somewhat quiet and some nudists use it for that reason. Read about the Beautiful Oia Village at Beautiful Santorini Towns here.

Armeni Beach or Armenis Beach is also near Oia Village (Ia) in the north. It is small beach and it lies at the south of the village from which you can have a good view of Thirassia at the next shore and enjoy clear blue and deep water. Here you need also to reach the beach on foot or on the back of the mules.

Messa Pigadia Beach or Mesa Pigadia Beach is one of the white beaches and is a clam beach in a rocky area at the southwest. This unspoiled beach is about 4 kilometres far from Akrotiri and it takes 9 minutes drive. It is reachable by boats, cars and motorcycles.

Exo Gialos Beach on Exo Gialos village is one of the black beaches with black sands and pebbles. It is at the west of Karterados Village and is about 2.7 kilometres far from it and it takes 3 minutes drive from there.

Katharos Beach is near Oia at the north and is about 5-8 minutes walk from it. It is between the rocks and the cliffs on the way to Amoudi.

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