What is Magical in Beautiful Samos Island?

The beautiful Samos Island is the forth-largest island in the northeastern Aegean group of islands and the tenth largest in the beautiful Greek islands, as a whole. It occupies 477 square kilometres on the Aegean Sea and it has 33, 814 inhabitants.

The other largest beautiful Aegean Greek Islands in this group northeast of the Aegean Sea are the beautiful Lesvos Island, the beautiful Chios Island and the beautiful Limnos Island or Lemnos Island.

As any other part of Greece has long historical existence, the beautiful Samos Island shares most of this history. In different times of the ancient Greek history, Roman in the first century BC, Venetians in 1204-1413 and Genoese in 1413-1453 dominated the beautiful Samos Island.

The Island of Samos in the ancient Greek culture and legendary is the birthplace of Hera, the sister and wife of the god of all gods, Zeus. Following the legend, Polycrates, the son of Aeaces built the sanctuary of Hera, while he ruled Samos between 535 BC - 515 BC.

He controlled the power after a festival of Hera with his brothers Syloson and Pantagnotus, exiled the first and killed the second, built strong naval and the fortifications in Samos.

From Samos, he tried to control the islands on the sea, Turkey and Greece and engaged with Amasis II / Ahmose II, the Egyptian pharaoh in an alliance. He looted the islands of the Aegean Sea, the coast of Turkey and the cities of the Ionian coast.

The beautiful Samos Island is also famous because it is the birthplace of the Ionian Greek philosopher, geometrician and mathematician Pythagoras, who was born there in 570 BC and died in 495.

In addition, Samos is also the birthplace of Epicurus the Greek philosopher and the founder of the Epicureanism philosophy school, who was born in Samos in 341 BC and died in Athens in 270 BC.

Beautiful Samos Island is also the birthplace of the mathematician and astronomer Aristarchus of Samos (310 BC-230 BC), the first to propose that the Earth revolves around the Sun and share the development of the solar system.

Samos Island is almost a transit island for Aegean Sea travellers between the islands on the Greek Aegean Sea and Turkey.

Mycale Strait or Samos Strait separates the beautiful Samos Island from Anatolia (Asia Minor) at the western part of the Republic of Turkey. The nearest town in Turkey, Kusadas is about 3 kilometres from Samos.

The best time to travel to the beautiful Island of Samos is in summer and spring. Green heights covered by wild flowers, orchids, jasmine bushes, flocks of birds among them pink flamingos attract nature lovers from around the world to flock to the beautiful Island of Samos in these seasons.

In addition, tourists in the hot seasons between July and September flock to crowd both of the high beautiful villages in Samos on the heights and the beautiful beaches in Samos and chances for getting vacancy rooms in beautiful hotels in Samos are rare if not reserved first before time.

Since tourists from around the world normally crowd the beautiful beaches, some of them may prefer to break away to the beautiful villages on the mountains. The air on those high villages attracts them to relax after treks in beautiful sights in Samos Island.

Some of them relax under shades of trees or trellises of ramblers after some hikes on the mountain or between the close-to-each beatutiful villages in Samos and on the two beautiful cities in Samos.

The beautiful Samos Island is connected by air with Greece, as flights from it to Athens range to four flights daily and flights from it to Thessaloniki, the second biggest airport in Greece range to two flights weekly.

There are ferries and excursion boats connecting the island with the islands in its neighbourhood in the northeastern Aegean group of islands, islands in the Cyclades group and the Dodecanese group, as well as Greece and Turkey.

There are two ferries daily to Piraeus, the port of Athens and two ferries daily to the beautiful Ikaria Island.

About five ferries leave weekly from both Vathy Port and Pythagorio Port to the beautiful Paros Island and the beautiful Naxos Island, connecting with the Greek Mykonos Island.

Five ferries leave weekly to the beautiful Fourni Island and four ferries leave weekly to the beautiful Chios Island. Three ferries go weekly to the beautiful Patmos Island.

Two ferries go weekly to the beautiful Leros Island and the beautiful Kalymnos Island. One ferry goes weekly to the beautiful Rhodes Island, the beautiful Lesvos Island, the beautiful Limnos Island, the beautiful Kos Island and Port Alexandroupolis in Greece.

Between Pythagorio Port and Patmos, excursion boats run four times weekly and there are daily excursion boats to the Island of Samiopoula and a boat tour one or two times a week around Samos.

In the hot season in summer, two boats leave daily from Vathy for Kusadasi in Turkey and one boat from Pythagorio Port to Kusadasi Port. Few boats weekly run between these ports in addition to daily excursions.

Hydrofoils run daily many times during summer from Pythagorio Port to Patmos, Leros, Lipsi, Kalymnos, beautiful Naxos Island, beautiful Paros Island and Kos and four times weekly to Ikaria and Fourni. Hydrofoils run weekly between Vathy, Kos, Leros, Patmos and Kalymnos.

Interior bus transportation is available daily. Buses link Vathy daily to Pythagorio, Kokkary, Karlovasi, Ireon, Konstantinos and Mytilini. Busses also link Pythagorio, Mytilini and Ireon. See beautiful towns in Samos here.

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