Greek Islands!

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Lonely Planet wrote about the Greek Islands:

The Greek Islands have long been one of Europe's favourite holiday destinations. It is hardly surprising: with more than 1400 islands scattered around the blue waters of the Aegean and Ionian Seas, there is something for everyone.

For some it is the opportunity to explore the remains of some of Europe's oldest civilizations. For most people though, the greatest attraction is the lure of sand, sea - and more than 300 days of guaranteed sunshine a year.

Every island is different. The scenery can vary dramatically, from the semitropical lushness of the Ionian and North-eastern Aegean Islands, to the bare, sun baked rocks of the Cyclades.

There are party islands, quiet romantic islands, islands for walkers, islands for windsurfers and islands for history buffs. There is an island for everyone - the challenge is to find it, and that means island-hopping, using Europe's largest ferry network.

The islanders have retained a strong sense of tradition: tradition and religion were the factors that kept the notion of Greek nationhood alive during hundreds of years of foreign occupation, and Greeks have clung to their traditions more tenaciously than most.

The traditions manifest themselves in a variety of ways, including ornate regional costumes and energetic festivals, where people express their joie de vivre through dancing, singing and feasting.

Festival time or not, the Greek capacity for enjoyment of life is immediately evident. Food and wine are plentiful, and Greeks love to eat out with family and friends. All this adds up to the islands being one of Europe's most friendly and relaxed destinations.

Well, if you knew more than expressed on these lines about the Greek Islands, bring it in. We would love to hear from you.

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