Beautiful Antiparos Hotels!

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Beautiful Antiparos Hotels!

Here are some hotels in Antiparos, villas in Antiparos, studios in Antiparos, apartments and other properties with real estates in Antiparos.

If you can't find other properties and real estates in Antiparos, please use the search tool below to locate them.

Antiparos Hotel is near the port and Psaraliki Beach. Pension Lily's Island and Lilly's Houses is near the port and the Beach of Psaralyki in Antiparos and is about 3 minutes from the travel agency.

In this area, you will find Oliaros Studios, Kastro Traditional Apartments and Antiparos View Apartments on a short walking distance from them.

Glaros Studios Apartments is 14.8 kilometres far from there and it takes 27 minutes drive. It is about 6.9 kilometres from Soros, the road goes through Agios Georgios and turns north. It takes 17 minutes drive from Soros.

Dolphin Sky Apartments is straight on the same route about 7.4 kilometres at the south of Antiparos, on the eastern coast and it takes 10 minutes drive. Kouros Village, Paradise Village, Antiparos Luxury Apartments are in Agios Georgios.

Villa Del Mar is a new apartment complex and is few metres away from Kaloudia Beach and the Blue Island Diving.

Christina Apartments is few metres from the Blue Island Diving and Kaloudia Beach. It takes you about 4 minutes if you walked to it from the centre of Antiparos Town.

Dimitra Hotel is in the centre of Antiparos Town, few metres away from the Blue Island Diving and some beaches as Psaralyki Beach, Spiridon(as) Beach and Kaloudia Beach. It is about 80 metres far from Spiridon(as) Beach and it takes 10 minutes on foot to get to Psaraliki Beach.

Mantalena Hotel is in the heart of the town, near the mentioned beaches and it takes few minutes walk to many beautiful locations around the beautiful Town of Antiparos.

Dolphin Sky Apartments is in Apantima, near Apantima Beach, south of Antiparos Port along the eastern coastal line on the way to Soros at the south of it. It is 7.4 kilometres far from the town of Antiparos and it takes 10 minutes drive from there.

Sifneikos Gialos Apartments is 850 metres from the town of Antiparos and it takes 2 minutes drive and about 13 minutes on foot. You may prefer to take a break at Vicky's Ice Cream almost on the middle of the street that runs to the apartments, to offer yourself some cheers for the sake of your trip, the Greek beauty and hospitality.

Artemis Hotel is about 450 metres from Spiridon(as) Beach and about 720 metres from Psaralyki Beach.

Marinatou Studios is near Spiridon(as) Beach and few metres from Hotel Dimitra.

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