Beautiful Antiparos Beaches!

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Beautiful Antiparos Beaches –

Beautiful Psaralyki Beach (1) and (2) is a sandy beach about 550 metres south of Antiparos Port and it takes 6 minutes on foot. You could be exposed to winds.

Beautiful Sifneiko(s) Gialos Beach on the northwestern bay is about 1.1 kilometres from Antiparos Port and it takes 13 minutes on foot.

Beautiful Spiridon(as) Beach is on the bay at the north, few metres from the port and it takes several minutes on foot from there. It is shallow, sandy and good beach for families.

Beautiful Soros Beach is at the southeast of Antiparos Island overlooking the Aegean Sea. It is 9.2 kilometres from Antiparos Port and it takes 14 minutes drive. The road to it runs through Apantima.

Beautiful Agios Georgios Beach is at the southwest overlooking the strait between Antiparos and Despotiko Nisida Islet (check the name) and where the Islet of Tsimintiri lies on the strait between the two islands.

Beautiful Glyfa Beach is 3.2 kilometres far from Antiparos Port and it takes about 5 minutes drive.

Beautiful Kaloudia Beach, at the northern bay at the north tip of the island, few metres away from the port is Kaloudia Beach. It is near the Blue Island Divers club and it takes 1-2 minutes from Antiparos. It is shallow, sandy beach and there are some trees around giving shades. The beach is safe for children.

Beautiful Apantima Beach is on Apantima, at the south of Antiparos Port, on the way that runs along the eastern coastal line to Soros. It is 7.4 kilometres far from the port and it takes 10 minutes drive from there. It is 1.9 kilometres far from Soros on the same coastal line at the south of it and it takes 3 minutes drive.

Beautiful Panagia Beach, the camping beach is 1 kilometre from the town and is at the south of Psaraliki Beach.

These are not all the beautiful beaches in Antiparos. If you found wrong information, please correct it.

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Many beautiful Antiparos hotels are near those beautiful beaches in Antiparos.

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