Beautiful Beaches in Chios!

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There are some beautiful beaches in Chios Island in the eastern coast, out of ten beaches around the island. Some people may not agree with this, as I have heard them saying there are more than 30 beaches in the Island of Chios.

How many beautiful beaches are there in Chios Island? Answer this simple question with some details and get some useful e-books to read.

Some folk say there are ten beautiful beaches in Chios Island. Others say there are twelve beautiful beaches in the Island of Chios and others say twenty beautiful beaches in Chios.

OK, all the water around the Island of Chios could be good for some adventures while somebody enjoys her / his holidays, weekends in the island, or for anyone living in the area all the day around.

This fact is not limited to the beautiful waters around the Island of Chios, though! Any of the other islands or coastal areas could be good for long or short vacations or a day trip.

For vacationers as well as local people, the beautiful beaches in Chios Island are rich by nature, beautiful and coloured waters, soft sand and pebbles, white or black, on narrow plains or between bays and heights and some beautiful hotels and cafés in the heart of the beaches or near them.

Here are some of the beautiful Beaches in Chios Island and the rest are at Beaches in Chios. Here are the names of some beautiful beaches you will read about in the linked page above:

Mavra Volia Beach.
Agia Fotia Beach.
Agia Irene Beach.
Agia Paraskevi Beach.
Komi Beach.
Karfas Beach.
Limnos Beach.
Lithi Beach.
Glari Beach. (I haven't heard about it;-)
Elinda Beach.
Nagos Beach.

If you knew more information about those beautiful beaches in Chios Island, or if you have some memories in any beach, you are welcome to share it with us.

Elinda Beach, Western Chios Island!

Chios Beaches - Volissos Underwater Managros!

Beautiful Komi Beach - Chios Island!

Beautiful Agia Fotini Beach - Chios Island!

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