Beautiful Vourliotes Village!

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Beautiful Vourliotes Village is at the north of Samos on the top of the hill.

It lies in a rich green area near the road between Vathy and Karlovassi. There are some few hundreds of residents in the village.

The nature makes it rich by vineyards, forests of trees and fruits that dominate the green land, so it contributes to the wine production in the island.

The Greek built this old village during Polycrates era in 525 BC and the traditional Greek houses nestle on the top of the mountain.

The mountainous area is good for hikes and walking tours down the slopes and there are remains of Loulouda fortress and Lazaros fortress at the southeast of this area.

There are some villages near Vourliotes and the roads to these villages take only few minutes. The nearest village to it at the west is Manolates, which is nearer than Avlakia.

However in spite of that the road is about 11.4 kilometres long and it goes through Kampos and Valeontades, then turns down taking about 13 minutes drive.

It takes about 9 minutes drive to Agios Konstantinos on an 8.1 kilometres long road. It is about 20.7 kilometres from Vathy and it takes about 27 minutes. Continuing to Karlovassi at the west will take you 25 minutes drive through the 19.7 kilometres long road.

The beautiful Village of Vourliotes is about 10.7 kilometres far from Kokkari at the southeast of it through Avlakia and it takes about 12 minutes drive.

So Avlakia is about 6 kilometres to the northeast of it and it takes about 6 minutes drive. If you enjoy touring deep in beautiful nature, it takes you about one hour and 23 minutes on foot.

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