Beautiful Hotels in Limnos!

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There are few beautiful hotels in Limnos Island. Those hotels include Katsaraki Sofia Hotel, Archontiko Hotel, Hotel Diamantides, Hotel Aktaion and Lemnos Hotel.

Hotel Limnos is on the waterfront and near the beach. It has large rooms with balconies overlooking the sea.

Hotel Aktaion is a short distance on the back from the waterfront.

Apollo Pavillion is at the back of the port and it has rooms with kitchens and balconies.

The hotel serves breakfast in rooms. Walk from P Kyda-Karatza towards Nikolaou Garoufallidou and you will find the hotel's sign few metres on the right.

Hotel Filoktitis on Ethnikis Antistaseos 14 has 16 simply furnished airy rooms with 35 beds. Rooms have balconies, TVs, fridges.

In addition, the hotel has accessible treatments for disabled. It is at the top of Filoktitis restaurant, a few blocks from Riha Nera Beach.

You reach it when continue on P Kyda-Karatza until you reach Maroulas and take Ethnikis Antistaseos at the fork in the road.

Arion Beach Apartments near Riha Nera is ideal hotel for families and it has simply furnished rooms with big shady balconies.

It is few steps from Lemnos Hotel on the way to Reha Nera through Romeikos Gialos and you will see the hotel's sign.

Romeikos Gialos Pension on Sakhtouri 7 was the first hotel in the island. The buildings were constructed in 1851 at about 50 metres from the beach. The hotel is simple refurnished as pension.

Other few beautiful hotels are on the second bay at the south of Myrina, on the beach of Platy and they include Hotel Afroditi-Villa and Hotel Lemnos Village Resort.

Hotel Afroditi-Villa on Platy Beach in the second bay south of the Bay of Myrina is about 3.2 kilometres and it takes about 7 minutes drive.

Hotel Lemnos Village Resort near Platy Beach is about 3.1 kilometres from the port and it takes about 6 minutes drive.

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