Beautiful Alonissos Marine Park!

The beautiful Marine Park of Alonissos Island has launched in 1992 as a project to protect the endangered Mediterranean monk seal and to preserve other animal and rare plant species.

The organizers started the park with Gerakas Marine Research Station at the north of the beautiful Alonissos Island.

The eight uninhabited islets around the beautiful Alonissos Island are rich of fauna and flora. The Mediterranean Sea mammal, the monk seal lives in the water in this area and some young dolphins play on the waters with their parents. Visitors could see this during June.

The organizers of the project divided the beautiful Marine Park of Alonissos Island into two, somewhat inaccessible, but stunning zones.

However, tours operate in summer to enjoy beautiful locations and bird watching there in those beautiful Aegean Greek Islands.

Hobby, Adult Falcon on Wood Post
Hobby, Adult Falcon on Wood Post
Carlos Sanchez Alonso

One of the zones in the beautiful Marine Park of Alonissos is at the east of the island and it includes the islets of Kyra Panagia, Psathoura, Piperi, Gioura and Skantzoura, restricting human activities in the entire zone.

The second zone includes Alonissos and the islets of Lehousa, Peristera and Dio Adelphi, which means two brothers at the southeast of Alonisos.

Piperi in the first zone is home to about 33 species of birds; among them are about 400 pairs of Eleonora's falcon or the Eleanor falcon in some sources, in addition to the Mediterranean shag and the Audouin's gull.

The Eleanor falcon, which is normally a small falcon that belongs to the hobby group, took its name from Eleanor of Arborea, the judge of the indigenous kingdoms of Sardinia during 1383, because she was the first legislator to protect the species of birds.

The Audouin's gull is a large bird that always migrates and breeds alone or with its species in small islands in the Mediterranean and in the western coasts of Africa dependant on fish in its food that it takes at night.
Bottlenose Dolphins
Bottlenose Dolphins
Brandon Cole

In Spain, it breeds in Son Bou in Menorca, the Islas Chafarinas and the Delta del Ebro, but not in Zahara de la Sierra.

For more information about the research centre of the beautiful Marine Park of Alonissos, see the beautiful Alonissos Island and the beautiful Alonissos towns. If you knew some more information about the beautiful Marine Park of Alonissos, use the comment link at the bottom. Thanks.

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