Agiasos Municipality!

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The Municipality of Agiasos or Ayasos stretches on the slopes of Mount Olympus between the Municipality of Evergetoulas at the northeast, the Municipality of Polichnitos at the northwest and the west, the Municipality of Plomari at the southwest and the south, the Municipality of Ghera at the southeast and the Municipality of Evergetoulas at the east.

Therefore, it is a landlocked municipality. There is a little information about the Municipality of Agiasos and that may be perhaps of the small area of the municipality.

I performed a long search to study, compare between the numbers, figure the right numbers in the statistics and arrange the numbers in the distances between locations here to get this information accurate.

So, please if you found any wrong information here help us keep this page accurate by correcting the information and writing about the towns in this municipality. Thanks.

The Municipality of Agiasos or Ayasos occupies 78.9 square kilometres in the southern area of Lesvos Island and there are more than 5,560 inhabitants in the entire municipality.

The beautiful town of Agiasos is the seat of the municipality. There are more than 2,587 inhabitants in the seat of the municipality and the rest of the population is divided between the villages of Sanatorio, Megali Limni and Karini.

The economical importance of the municipality drives from its share in the olive oil industry in the Island of Lesvos. The municipality has also historical economical development in the olive oil production since 1879 when the steam-powered mills replaced the traditional production of oil.

Nature coloured it with extreme beauty that extends in the green cover of olive groves and pine forests. The seat of the municipality, Agiasos is the big town in the municipality.

The municipality of Agiasos has history on ceramic artworks and the pottery production is among the activities that engage the entire area.

In addition to the traditional wood sculpture, ceramics is now a trade in the artisan workshops that produce pottery and handcrafted items and furniture. Therefore, it is not strange to have a Folk Art Museum.

Sanatorio is about 3.3 kilometres at the southeast of Agiasos and it takes about 4 minutes drive. Megali Limni is about 7.9 kilometres at the northwest of Ayasos and it takes about 10 minutes drive. Karini is about 7.6 kilometres at the northeast of Ayasos and it takes about 9 minutes drive.

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