How Many Beautiful Towns in Lesvos Are There?

Beautiful Towns in Lesvos!

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Nevertheless, here is part of the answer. The most beautiful towns in the Island of Lesvos are on the coastal areas around Lesvos / Lesbos. If you knew of other beautiful towns in Lesbos, upload pictures and let us know about them.

The beautiful Town of Mytilini, the capital city and the port of Lesvos lies on the southeast of the island. It is a modern busy town even in winter.

There are about 27,247 inhabitants, almost third of the population in the island, in this capital City of Mytilini.

Lesvos International Airport is southeast about 7.5 kilometres from the Port of Mytilini and it takes about 13 minutes drive.

Navmahias Ellis is the northern waterfront and Pavlou Kountourioti is the southern waterfront.

Many ferries run via many lines from the northern dock to other islands on the Aegean Sea, as well as other ports in Greece.

The lines link Mytilini-Piraeus, Mytilini-Thessaloniki, Mytilini-Rhodes, Kos-Mytilini, Alexandroupoli-Mytilini, Chios-Mytilini, Aghios Kirykos-Mytilini and Myrina-Mytilini.

The history of the town dates back to the 11 century BC, when the town founded by the family of Penthilidae that arrived from Thessaly, according to wikipedia and remained in power until a popular revolt led by Pittacus of Mytilene ousted them.

The town has a Byzantine fortress. Fragistco Gatelouzo renovated this fortress in the 14th century and the Turks made it large after that.

The other sites in the town include the university large campus, the beautiful pine forest, a neo-classical mansion housing the Archaeological Museum and the Byzantine Museum.

The Archaeological Museum of Mytilini is near the harbour of Mytilini and not far from the statue of liberty.

It exhibits large finds from the Neolithic and the Roman eras such as prehistoric and classical antiquities including coins, ceramics, pottery, other old household articles and jewellery.

The Byzantine Museum, which started in 1978 in the centre of the town, has some icons from the Byzantine times.

There are two bus stations in Mytilini. The long distance bus station is at the southeast from the end of the waterfront Pavlou Kountourioti and the other bus station is on the north part of it.

There are two bus stations in Mytilini. The long distance bus station is at the southeast from the end of the waterfront Pavlou Kountourioti and the other bus station is on the north part of it.

Many hotels, apartments, studios and rooms have good businesses in the capital city of Lesvos; among them are Hotel Blue Sea, Porto Lesvos Hotel, Vazakas Rooms and Pension Iren. See beautiful hotels in Lesvos here.

In addition, many of the resorts in Lesvos Island are near these hotels and many hotels are on some beaches, or on the Gulf of Gera (Yera) such as the sandy beach of Mytilini, where Lesvos Inn Hotel is situated, Tsamakia Beach and Mytilene Beach. From the bay towards the airport, there are some small beaches. See beautiful beaches in Lesvos here.

The beautiful Town of Mithymna or Molyvos / Molivos as locals still call it, is one of the beautiful towns in Lesvos.

It is a beautiful a traditional village in the north of Lesvos about 60.3 kilometres northeast of Mytilini and it takes about one hour and 5 minutes drive. It has historical importance, as well as modern economical importance in the commercial activities in Lesvos.

The beautiful Mithymna is the seat of the Municipality of Mithymna and the second important town in Lesvos with about 1,497 inhabitants. See the Municipalities of Lesvos here.

The stone houses with the coloured windows and doors descend from the hill to the pebble beach and the fishing harbour. Vines and flowers shade the winding cobbled streets from which the visitors have good views of the harbour.

The remains of the Byzantine-Genoese castle from the 14th century are at the top of the hill and from the summit people have good view of the coast of the island at that point and the coast of Turkey.

There are two banks in the town, the National Bank of Greece and the Commercial Bank at the opposite direction of it and the Municipal Tourist Office and they both have ATMs.

There is central internet café on the road to the port, car rentals businesses, some beautiful hotels in Lesvos such as Amfitriti Hotel, Acropol Hotel, and Camping Mithymna and some beautiful beaches in Lesvos in this area.

The beautiful Town of Petra lies in Mithymna Municipality and it should not be confused with the archaeological and historic city of al-Petra in the governorate of Ma'an in Jordan, about 243 kilometres south of Amman, which is a UNSCO World Heritage Site since 1985.

The Mithymnan Petra Village is one of the beautiful towns in Lesvos at about 6.7 kilometres south of Mithymna and it takes 7 minutes drive and about one hour and 26 minutes on foot. It is about 65.3 kilometres from Mytilini and it takes about 58 minutes drive via Kalloni.

Overlooking the Islet of Agios Georgios Nisida, it has a long sandy beach on the carved coastal line. The tamarisk trees shade the square on the coastal line and give it a beautiful look and nice feel.

There is a Turkish mansion by the name Vareltzidaina's House in the area between the waterfront and the big ROCK. From this rock, the town took its name.

The rock is big but so easy to climb and Panagia Glykofilousa the church of the sweet kissing virgin engages it at the top.

The town has bus station, bank, post office and medical care centre, in addition to few old stone houses, cafés and shops.

A nearby village extracted from its name as Petri about 4.1 kilometres at the southeast of it, has an old kafeneia from which Petra landscape is viewable. It takes 6 minutes drive to get to Petri Village and about 51 minutes on foot, if possible.

There are more than 100 rooms for rentals in Petra, such as Irene Rooms and Studios in Petra, Clara Hotel in Petra and Panorama Hotel in Petra. See beautiful hotels in Lesvos. Some of the rooms, studios, apartments and hotels are on the beautiful beaches in Lesvos in this area or near them.

These beautiful towns in Lesvos are in the north of the island. There are some other beautiful towns in Lesvos at the east, west and south of the island. Many of those beautiful towns in Lesvos are below the form.

The beautiful Town of Varia or Vareia is one of the beautiful towns in Lesvos. It is about 4.1 kilometres south of Mytilini Town and it takes about 10 minutes drive. The airport is about 3.4 kilometres and it takes about 5 minutes drive.

Varia is the birthplace of Theophilos, the Greek folk painter and it hosts his museum, the Theophilos Museum. The Teriade Museum in the village exhibits collection of artworks by international artists as Picasso and Matisse.

The beautiful beaches in Lesvos Island on the eastern coast are in this area and there are some hotels near them. See beautiful beaches in Lesvos and beautiful hotels in Lesvos.

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