Beautiful Elio - Proni Villages!

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There are some beautiful villages in Elio - Proni Municipality in the Island of Cephalonia on the Ionian Sea. Those beautiful Elio-Proni Villages are on the southeastern corner on the island. Here are some of them and the rest are on the comment link.

The Village of Kato Katelios or Kateleios was small fishing and farming village in the Municipality of Elio - Proni, Eleios - Pronnoi or Eliou Pronon Municipality. It is now one of the well-developed resorts on the southern coast.

However, there are few apartments and many tavernas on the coastal area, along the beach of Kato Kateleios, the nesting area of the loggerhead turtle. The second nesting ground of the loggerhead turtle is Skala. See beautiful beaches in Cephalonia Island.

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There is an environmental group based in an environmental and cultural centre in the resort of Kateleios called the Kateleios Group for Research and Protection of Marine and Terrestrial Life.

There are marine and environmental items in the museum of the centre. There is a kiosk on the waterfront and the distance from Kateleios to Kato Kateleios at the south of the town is about 1.6 kilometres.

The Village of Kateleios is about 5 kilometres south of Pastra, the seat of Eliou Pronon Municipality and it takes about 8 minutes drive. It is about 30.3 kilometres southeast of Argostoli and it takes about 40 minutes drive.

The Roman water mills are in the area between Pastra and Katelios with few historical remains. With car rental agencies available, you can drive from Poros through Skala village, Kremmydi village to Pastra. The seat of the municipality, Pastra was the ancient Pronoi village. If you knew something else, correct this information.

The Village of Markopoulo in the Municipality of Elio - Proni is on the hills above Kateleios about 3.6 kilometres at the west of it.

There are some mythical stories about the snakes in this village as one of the legends says that the nuns in the convent prayed to be snakes. When the snakes appear every year, the local collect and release them near the icon of the Virgin of the Snakes.

The village was under the Venetian during the 13th century and it took the name of Marco Polo, the Italian explorer because he visited it. In 5 August, the village performs the Feast of the Assumption.

The Village of Markopoulo is about 3.2 kilometres at the southwest of Pastra, the seat of Eliou Pronon Municipality and it takes about 4 minutes between the two villages. It is about 26.7 kilometres at the southeast of Argostoli and it takes about 34 minutes drive.

The Village of Skala in the Municipality of Eleios - Pronnoi at the far end of the southeastern corner of the Island is about 36.9 kilometres away from Argostoli and it takes about 49 minutes. It is accessible from the near harbours and resorts on the southwestern coast and the eastern coast.

Skala is about 11.6 kilometres southeast of Pastra, the seat of the municipality and it takes about 17 minutes drive. The beach of Skala is here and there is a Dolphin Ski Club on the beach. See beautiful beaches in Cephalonia Island.

The tourists companies are on the main street in Skala town. The loggerhead turtle has nesting ground here too. There are inscriptions dating back to the 2nd century in a Roman villa discovered in Skala in 1957. The villa has coloured and mosaic floors and it is open daily for visits.

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