The Beautiful Kalymnos Island has Utmost Pleasures!

The beautiful Kalymnos Island is the 4th largest island in the Dodecanese group of islands on the southeastern Aegean Sea. Some sources describe as more conservative, traditional and arid in some parts of it, in spite of its beautiful green valleys.

There are 164 islands in the Dodecanese but only 26 of them are inhabited islands. The largest islands in this group respectively are the beautiful Rhodes Island, the beautiful Karpathos Island, the beautiful Kos Island and then Kalymnos. The Greek Rhodes Island is also the 4th largest island in Greece.

Kalymnos is mountainous and the chains run in north, some parts of the west, and some parts of the east in addition to a chain that runs in the south part from the back of Kalymnos to Panormos and continue to the western coast.
Limestone and volcanic tuff cover the land of Kalymnos and the nature of the island is rich in the valleys that run in the interior of the island between the heights.

The people grow citrus fruits including grape, orange, olive and vineyards on the valleys between the chains of mountains. They trade in boat building, painting headscarves and fishing.

The sponge fishing has been the main source of income through history and this trade makes the beautiful Kalymnos Island the richest Greek island.

Now considerable numbers of the populations began to engage in the tourism sector, operating hiking and mountain climbing and boat excursions. The tourism is the beautiful Kalymnos Island booms through the organization of rock climbing activities. However, Kos is the island's competitor in this field. See beautiful Kalymnos towns.

The beautiful Kalymnos Island lies off the western coast of Turkey, near Bodrum, at the south of the beautiful Leros Island and at the north of the beautiful Kos Island.

Stretching in the Dodecanese group of islands, it reaches 109 square kilometres. Including the islets of Kalolimnos, Plati, Pserimos, Telendos and some uninhabited islets, it reaches 134.5 square kilometres.

The beautiful Island of Kalymnos is very near of Leros and it links to it through numbers of islets at the northern part of the island that make the distance narrower.

It is possible that Leros and Kalymnos was one island in the old ages although there is not concrete evidence of this connection.

But, the connection of some islets could reveal that, some parts of the land disappeared from the surface and went deep under the water.

There are more than 16,235 inhabitants in Kalymnos and more of 206 inhabitants are in the near islets, which belong to the Municipality of Kalymnos. With this high number of population, the beautiful Kalymnos Island is the third populous island amongst the Greek islands, after Kos and Rhodes.

The numbers of population dropped from 24,000 in 1925 because some 8,000 people immigrated to the USA and Australia. In Australia, most of them live in Darwin and Melbourne. In America, most of them live in Tarpon Springs.

Part of the island at the west cracked from the it after earthquake in 554 and a 800 metres strip of water runs between the two parts. That part is the islet of Telendos now. The volcano made many sheltered coves, some of the beautiful beaches and some springs including one thermal spring along the coastline.

The history of the beautiful Kalymnos Island is connected with that of Kos. Carians came to the island from Asia Minor, the Asian part of peninsula in Turkey that called also Anatolia during the ancient ages and the island was dependant on Kos. It was subjected to the Byzantine Empire in the Middle Ages. Venice used the island as naval base and the Knight of Rhodes took it in 1310.

The Ottomans controlled it in 1522, although it didn't receive any Turkish immigration as happened in Rhodes and Kos. The Italian sailors of the Regia Marina occupied it during the Italian-Turkish war in 1912. Italy ruled it with other islands in the Dodecanese until 1947 when the islands became part of Greece.

Planes, Ferries, hydrofoil and catamaran connect the beautiful Kalymnos Island with the mainland, Turkey and other Aegean Greek Islands.

Kalymnos Island National Airport is at the north of Argos, about 5.3 kilometres at the northwest of Pothia, the capital city and the port of the beautiful Kalymnos Island. It was oppened in 10 August, 2006.

Ferries run sometimes daily between Kalymnos, Piraeus, Kos and Rhodes and connect to other islands on the way. There are ferries that run two times a day from Pothia to Kos Town and four times a day from Pothia to Mastichari in Kos. Those ferries go also to the islands of Lipsi, Leros and Astypalea.

Hydrofoils run daily between the beautiful Kalymnos Island and the other islands in the Dodecanese group of islands and the northeastern islands including Rhodes, the beautiful Samos Island, and the beautiful Patmos Island. In addition, a caique runs daily from Myrties to Xirokambos in the beautiful Leros Island.

Interior transportation in the beautiful Kalymnos Island runs and connects villages at the coast and inside the islands, and runs also to beaches and caves in different coastal areas. There's a daily excursion boat from Myrties to Emborios and it reaches Kefalas Cave.

Buses run from the bus station at the opposite direction of the cathedral in Pothia to many beautiful places in Kalymnos including Emborios, Masouri, Myrties and Vathys. Taxis run from the taxi station in Pothia to Masouri, Myrties, Vathys and the nearby villages and link to some beautiful places down the taxi routes in demand.

There are many caves, capes, bays and beautiful beaches in Kalymnos. The capes circles the island from the north to the east, west, south and the north again start with Cape Hondromytis, Cape Pounda, Cape Atsipas, Cape Hali, Cape Agios Georgios, Cape Kefalas, Cape Trahilos, Cape Aspro at the top west of Telendos, and Cape Diapori at the top northwest.

The bays following the same direction include Paleonisos Bay below Cape Pounda, followed down by Pazonda Bay, Akti Bay, Pithari Bay at the southwest before Cape Trahilos and Arginonda Bay at the north point where Telendos cracked from the island.

The beautiful beaches in Kalymnos are more than 12 beaches. Two more beautiful beaches are in Telendos. Those beaches around the island from the north of Pothia start By Drasonda Beach near Pazonda Bay followed by Almyres Beach below Cape Atsipas, Akti Beach on Akti Bay and Therma Beach down at the south of Pothia.

Vlihadia Beach is between Cape Agios Georgios and Cape Kefalas at the south. Kandouni Beach, Linaria Beach and Platys Beach all together are at the southwest.

Myrties Beach is at the south point that Telendos cracked from the island. Hohlakas Beach is at the south of Telendos. Masouri Beach is north of Myrties. Paradise Beach is at the north of Telendos and Emborios Beach is at the northwest.

There are many hotels, apartments, rooms and studios in the beautiful Kalymnos Island including Olympic Hotel, Hotel Crystal, Appollonia Hotel, Kalydna Hotel, Elite Apartments, Elies Hotel, Katerina, Themelina, Elies Hotel and many others.

See beautiful Kalymnos hotels and beautiful Kalymnos at the beautiful Kalymnos towns. If you had been at any of these hotels and beaches, please write about your experiences there through the form. Thanks.

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Millionaire Match offers dating services for locals in the beautiful Kalymnos Island!

Get married with beautiful Kalymnos Island's marriage celebrations and do not forget to invite us to your marriage, or send us your marriage photos and videos, so we could take some Greek cheers for your health and that of yours!

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