Kos Asklipieion!

Kos historical sites include the ruins of Kos Asklipieion or Asklepieion. They are at the top of those important ancient sites in the Island of Kos. The beautiful site of Kos Asklipieion is on the hill in Platani, about 3.5 kilometres at the southwest of the beautiful Kos Town.

Pine trees cover the hill and make this area one of the beautiful sites in Kos Island. In addition, from the top of the hill, people enjoy beautiful scenes of Kos Town and Turkey across the Aegean Sea.

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Asklepieion, Kos, Dodecanese, Greek Islands, Greece, Europe
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The Asklipieion / Asklepieion comprises the religious sanctuary of Asclepius, the god of healing, the healing centre and the school of medicine. The education in the school of medicine follows the teaching method of Hippocrates, the first Greek doctor to approach diagnosis and diseases treatments. See more information about Hippocrates at Kos worldwide Influence.

The earthquake destroyed the beautiful historical site of Kos Asklipieion in 554. Before that time, people came from different places in Greek to have medical treatments and medical training. The ruins in this area are on three parts.
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The Asklepieion, Kos, Dodecanese Islands, Greece
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The first part includes the propylaea, the public baths from the Roman time and a guest room. The second part includes the altar of Kyparissios Apollo from the 4th century BC, the first temple of Asclepius from the 4th century BC, and the temple of Apollo from the 1st century BC with seven of its columns.

The third part of Kos Asklipieion includes the second temple of Asclepius from the 2nd century BC. People arrive to the beautiful site of the Asklipieion by buses, cycles, tourist train and on foot. Hiking to the beautiful sites is pleasure for walkers.

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