Did You Like Some Beautiful Ithacan Towns?

There are few beautiful Ithacan towns in the beautiful Ithaki Island, two of which are ports. The third port is just a port but not a town. See beautiful Ithaki Island for more information about the island.

The Beautiful Town of Ithaki or Vathy:

Ithaki or Vathy is one of the beautiful Ithacan towns. It is the first of course. The capital and the main port of the Island of Ithaki sit on one of the world largest harbours at the top northern part of the island and deep on the naturally protected Vathy Bay.

The Town of Vathi or Ithaki is west of the isthmus that links the two parts of the island of Ithaki together. The town rounds the bay, where the buildings appear among the greenery that covers the high land, the peaks behind them and on the sides of the bay. There is a green square built in the water on the bay at the coast of the town.

Ithaki was the ancient town that existed through the historical period since 1200 BC and took the name of Vathy today, although Anogi Town was the old capital. The town is small and small twisting roads run through it.

There are almost all basic services sectors a town has including but not limited to some restaurants, cafes, clubs, shops, museums, hotels in addition to a bank and a beach at the north east and post office and town hall. See beautiful Ithacan beaches.

The Post Office of Ithaki and some travel agencies are in Plateia Efstathiou Drakouli, the central square and the National Bank of Greece is at the southwest of it. The ferry quay is on the western part of Vathi Bay and Kallinikon, the main street is one block behind the waterfront. The Port of Vathy has three sides.

The Nautical and Folklore Museum is in an old electric power station at the back of the waterfront. Electro power has begun and launched earlier by one of the Ithacan shipping pioneer called George Drakoulis.

In addition to the shipping items, the museum displays household items including traditional dresses, old furniture and old photos and prints from Vathi before the earthquake.

The Archaeological Museum of Vathi is the main museum in Ithaki and is near at the back of Kallinikon or Kallinikou Street at the back of the waterfront.

It displays historical items discovered during the excavation of Schliemann in the ancient town of Aetos, which was at the north of Piso Aetos. The excavations run and include the areas that legendary tales mentioned their persistence during ancient ages.

The displayed items include also plates and clay pots painted similar to the geometric Corinthian pattern, terracotta figurines from the 7th-5th centuries BC, stones, ivory, bronze coins from the 4th-3rd centuries BC featuring Odysseus' head with conical traveller's hat and amber jewellery.

There are also finds from recent excavations that include Roman oil lamps.

Real estates in those beautiful Ithacan towns run rental and apartments' selling business. Vathi has also some hotels, studios, apartments, rooms and villas such as Perantzada Hotel, Odyssey Apartments, Sarachiniko Villas and Dioskouri Rooms & Studios. See beautiful Ithacan hotels. See beautiful Ithacan hotels.

The Beautiful Town of Anogi:

Anogi is one of the beautiful Ithacan towns. This town was the ancient capital of the beautiful Ithaki Island. The earthquake in 1953 has damaged it and they renewed and rebuilt it. It is about 15.7 kilometres at the north of the beautiful Vathi town and it takes about 18 minutes drive.

The town is 3.4 kilometres north of Moni Katharon or Kathara Monastery on a road that takes about 4 minutes drive and 42 minutes on foot. People believe that Moni Katharon is on the place of the ancient temple of Athena. Visitors and specially hikers could have good views to the nature from the top of the heights.

The road continues from it to the north and links Anogi to Kioni through Stavros and Frikes. This road is about 13.5 kilometres long and it takes about 17 minutes drive. It is winding through fertile green land of vineyards and pasture of goats.

Anogi Town is on the slope of Mount Niritas, so there are many rocks, small and large in the surroundings and the road from the south goes up the hill and down. The town makes a community and a municipality in Ithaca Island. For the nearest hotels, studios, apartments, rooms and villas in Anogi Town see below.

The Beautiful Town of Stavros:

Stavros Town is one of the beautiful Ithacan towns. It is small, but bigger than Anogi Town and is about 17 kilometres northwest of Vathy, above the Bay of Polis with its beach. The town has a fishing harbour beside the Beach of Polis. See beautiful Ithacan Beaches.

At a short distance in the north of this bay is Aphales Bay and at a short distance in the east of it is Frikes Bay. The Odyssey claims that Odysseus Palace was between those bays near Stavros Town.

There are more than 460 inhabitants in the town and many of those inhabitants came from the ancient Anogi Town. The road to the town goes up and down the hill and links the other towns in the north and the south of the island.

Excavations in those beautiful Ithacan towns revealed that there was a settlement in the Bronze Age on the top of Pelikata Mountain at the north of Stavros Town. The Archaeological Museum in the town displays artefacts found in many parts of the island dating back to the period between 3000 BC and 300 BC.

Some operating real estates companies, known by local people offer villas rentals and sell villas in the town. There are some hotels, studios, apartments, rooms and villas in Vathi such as Asterida Villas in Stavros, Iriana Hotel Apartments and Porto Thiaki Hotel. See beautiful Ithacan hotels.

The Beautiful Town of Frikes:

Frikes is one of the beautiful Ithacan towns. It is a very small town, with a port and fishing harbour on the northeastern part of Ithaki Island founded by the families of Exogi in the 17th century.

It was important marina in the Bay of Frikes and the main port in Ithaca to export olive, Lentil and other products to Greece and the neighbouring islands in the Ionian Sea in the past.

There were more than 400 residents in the town in the past and the numbers of inhabitants dropped after the earthquake as it happened with other towns in the Ionian region.

However, there are few shops in the town and few restaurants near the harbour and some accommodations for rental in the holidays in Frikes. Hotels, studios, apartments, rooms and villas include Kanas Apartments, Hotel Nostos and Aristotelis Apartments. See beautiful Ithacan hotels.

Frikes Town is about 2.4 kilometres northeast of Stavros and it takes about 3 minutes drive. It is about 4.9 kilometres at the northwest of Kioni and it takes about 7 minutes drive.

Did you know where the Rithro Port lies in Ithaki Island? Was it on the place of Frikes? Use the form below to answer these questions. Thanks.

The Beautiful Town of Kioni:

Kioni is one of the beautiful Ithacan towns. It is a small traditional Greek town and fishing harbour at the north east of Ithaki Island. People from Anogi resettled in the area since the 19th century and Kioni started to prosper as a town and important resort in Ithaca.

There are white buildings with red roofs down on the hillside and on the sides of the harbour. The Town of Kioni is about 4 kilometres from Frikes at the northwest and it takes about 7 minutes drive.

It is 7.2 kilometres from Stavros at the west and the road through Frikes takes 10 minutes drive. Anogi is at the southwest of it about 13.5 kilometres far. The road goes through Stavros and Frikes and it takes about 17 minutes drive.

Ithaki Town at the south is about 23.6 kilometres. There are some hotels, studios, apartments, rooms and villas in Kioni such as Captain's Apartments, Studios Fetsi, Apostolis Studios and Maroudas Apartments. See beautiful Ithacan hotels.

Beautiful Ithacan towns in the small island of Ithaca or Ithaki are on the coastal areas situated on beautiful Ithacan Bays and some of them are beautiful Ithacan ports and beautiful Ithacan harbours.

If you knew of other beautiful towns than those in the harbours, please write about them. Anyhow, you can use the form below to comment or write about beautiful Ithacan towns. You can also share beautiful Ithacan towns with your social media through the small buttons on this page. Thanks.

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