Museums of Corfu!

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The museums of Corfu are many as the art galleries and other musical events. Most of those museums are on this page and at the last link on it.

The Archaeological Museum of Corfu is one of the important museums of Corfu. The museum is in a neoclassical building on P. Vraila Armioni Street or Braila P. Armeni 1 near the waterfront.

It started in 1967 and it opens on Tuesday and Sunday. Opening times may change. The museum displays collections from excavated archaeological sites in the Island of Corfu. The collections are from the archaic history of Greece found in the archaeological sites of the island.

One of the arte-fiction presenting one of the preserved pieces of arts is the sculpture of Medusa, one of the three gorgons in the Greek mythology in the west pediment of the Temple of Artemis at Corcyra the ancient capital from the 6th century BC, which is now Corfu and the name becomes Kerkyra.

The Doric temple, which refers to the Dorians of the 12th century BC, was in Kanoni peninsula. However, this site shows items from around the period of 580 BC and the late and previous decades from that age.

The sculpture depicts Medusa and her snakes that made her hair and her two sisters hairs. Perseus, one the Greek mythic heroes beheaded her that time because she was a symbol of evil, as the mythology says everybody who looked at her became a stone. In spite of this evil thing, she had beautiful eyes that made everybody mad.

The Museum of Banknotes of Corfu is one of the important museums of Corfu. It is numismatic museum on Agiou Spyridonos Street. It exhibits large samples of historical banknotes the Ionian Bank issued during 1822-1920 in addition to the first banknotes in Greece.

The numismatic museum has more than 10,000 ancient coins from the Western Europe and India and present coins from Ukraine to Ethiopia. Some coins are from the end of the 7th century BC, coins from the end of both the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire and other coins are from the third century.

The Museum of Banknotes of Corfu has started in 1981. In 2000, the Ionian Bank and Alpha Bank merged in one bank and the museum again opened in 2005. It is very near of the Museum of Asian Art of Corfu at about 130 metres from it and it takes about 2 minutes on foot.

The Museum of Asian Art of Corfu is also one of the important museums of Corfu. It is at the north of the cricket ground in the Spianada.

The Asian Art Museum is in the Palace of St. Michael and St. George at the beginning of Agoniston Polytechneiou Street and before it meets Eleftherias Street, on the north end of Esplanade about 900 metres at the north of the Archaeological Museum of Corfu and it takes about 11 minutes on foot.

Correct this information if it was wrong, seemingly because the words Spianada and Esplanade are used for the same place. Thanks.

There are 10,000 items in the Museum of Asian Art of Corfu donated by private collectors and they include Japanese and Chinese sculptures, porcelains, screens and bronzes. The construction of the building began in 1818 and ended in 1824 as residential palace for the British Lord and High Commissioner in the island.

The museums of Corfu are many. Links to other museums in Corfu are on the last link below this post that says, "Click here to read comments or post comments". Click on it and you will read about the rest of the museums of Corfu.

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