Beautiful Myrina Town!

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The beautiful Myrina town is the capital of the beautiful Limnos Island! Myrina is also the seat of Myrina Municipality, which covers 82 square kilometres on the western coast of the island.

There are 7,488 inhabitants in the entire municipality. About 5,107 out of the population live in the beautiful capital city of Myrina. The rest of the inhabitants live in Kaspakas, Platy, Thanos and Kornos.

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Myrina town is the port of the island and a fishing harbour at the southwest. Unlike the other capitals in the neighbourhood and in other groups of islands on the Aegean Sea, the airport is not near the capital. It is about 19.9 kilometres northeast of Myrina and it takes about 24 minutes drive.

The colourful boats fill the harbour, the whitewashed stone buildings and the neoclassical mansions scatter on the streets along with the old cafés, barbershops locally famous bar, houses with wooden balconies from the 19th century, modern houses and some traditional stores selling honey, nuts and local wines on the main Street, P Kyda-Karatza.

There are two beautiful sandy beaches and beautiful hotels in the area around those beaches and in the centre of the beautiful Myrina town. See links to those beautiful beaches and beautiful hotels below.

The bus station and the National Bank of Greece are in Plateia Eleftheriou Venizelou, the central square in the beautiful town of Myrina.

The second square is Plateia Ilia Iliou at the right of the end of the quay. Not far from it is Myrina Tourist and Travel Agency. The post office and the police station are on Nikolaou Garoufallidou Street.

The Archaeological Museum is in a neoclassical mansion with finds from the three sites of Limnos, Poliohni, Sanctuary of the Kabeiroi and Hephaistia overlook the beach next to Hotel Kastro Beach, near Romeikos Gialos. Both are about 550 metres from the port of Myrina and it takes about 2 minutes drive and about 6 minutes on foot.

The Byzantine castle of Myrina on the heights of the town is on the way from the harbour to the Turkish fountain and along the left street from the old Turkish mark.

The castle is located before Romeikos Gialos beach at the second side of it and it offers good view from the top to Myrina and over the sea to Mount Athos.

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