Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu!

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The Municipal Art Gallery is on the eastern part of Saint Michael and Saint George Palace, upstairs at the back of the Art Café Gallery. It is about 230 metres away from the Museum of Asian Art of Corfu.

The Municipal Art Gallery has started in 1978 and it displays samples of arts and crafts from ancient Greek culture and new paintings and sculptures as well. The artworks include paintings by Corfiots artists from the 16th-19th century and Byzantine icons from the 15th century.

Among the artworks are paintings by Pavlos Prossalendis and icons by Cretan artist Michael Damaskinas and Emmanuel Lambardos.

Pavlos Prossalendis was Corfiot painter and sculptor and he founded the first Greek fine arts school in Corfu in 1811.

Michael Damaskinas (1535-1593) was the son of the Cretan City of Heraklion and one of the first artists in the 16th century. Emmanuel Lambardos fled to Corfu from Crete in the mid-17th century.

"Fighter of the 1821 War" or "Warrior of 21" and "Arab Musician" by Pavlos Prossalendis are among his works in the Municipal Art Gallery and the Archaeological Museum of Corfu and he has some other artworks in many galleries.

Other artworks include "The Vianello Canduni" and "The Giallinas Mansion" by Nikolaos Venturas (1899-1990), "Night in Corfu" by George Samartzis (1865-1954), "Self-portrait" by Aglaia Pappa (1903-1984), "The Piano Tuner" by Samartzis and "The Herd" by Angelos Giallinas.

Pappa has 23 artworks, Samartzis has 42 artworks and Philippos Makotsis has 12 artworks in the Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu. Some artworks are by Philippos Makotsis (1911-1985) and Nikolaos Zervos (1901-1988).

Those painters and sculptors have also some artworks in the Archaeological Museum and other arts galleries. The Municipal Art Gallery runs arts and cultural activities since the day the gallery launched in December 1995 and it has combined cultural events with the Art Café Gallery.

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