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Nov 27, 2010
Art Gallery and Traditional Houses in Kato Korakiana!
by: Admin

There is also an annex to Corfu's National Art Gallery in Kastellino or Castellino exhibiting various artworks and carrying other cultural and educational activities in the beautiful Town of Kato Korakiana. Read the starting lines to this post at Beautiful Corfu Town - Comments.

Investing this location, some locals recently began selling properties including villas, houses and apartments or rent villas for self-caterers in holidays in the beautiful Kato Korakiana Town through some real estates.

However, what makes this business affordable is that the beautiful Kato Korakiana is very near to the most of the tourists' attractions in the capital of Corfu / Kerkyra and north of it in a quite beautiful area.

This is a privilege for some people who want some beautiful and calm places. That means it is attractive to those who desire to acquire properties or rent villas. They could conduct bargains privately very easy. Locals in the beautiful Kato Korakiana are very helpful at this and they know local owners. However, a real estate agent is helpful in the legal matters.

Many houses in Kato Korakiana are just like any Greek traditional house, built and decorated by the old Greek style of decoration. Some of them combine between the stylised old decorations and the new decors. I would love it if some people from Kato Korakiana uploaded pictures from those building through the form on the page at the link above, with names and few words. Thanks.

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Nov 25, 2010
The Municipal Art Gallery in Corfu!
by: Admin

There are also many artworks in The Municipal Art Gallery. Among those artworks are "The Sphinx" and "Sfigga" by Skarvelis, "Flock" and "Markas" by Angelos Giallinas, "The Assassination of Capodistria" by Haralambos Pachis.

The museum displays also some artworks of Vicentios Boccaciampis, a Greek painter from the 19th century. Boccaciampis launched a private school of painting in Corfu on 1870.

The Sea Shell Museum is in Benitses or Mpenitses on the coast at the south of Corfu Town is about 12.9 kilometres away from the Byzantine Museum of Corfu on the way of Kerkyras-Lefkimmis and it takes about 22 minutes drive.

At the southeast of it is Benitses Arches Hotel and further to the south is the Museum of Ceramic Art near Marbella Beach. The Museum of Ceramic Art displays ceramic objects collected in Corfu Island.

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