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Nov 27, 2010
Kato Korakiana!
by: Admin

The beautiful Kato Korakiana or as they call it sometimes Katomeri is one of the beautiful places in the Municipality of Feakes. See the municipalities of Corfu and beautiful towns in Corfu on the beautiful Corfu Island.

Kato Korakiana is beautiful but many travel-guides neglect it and that maybe because it is small place. It is about 13.6 kilometres at the northwest of the capital Corfu / Kerkyra Town and it takes about 22 minutes drive. The road to it goes through Dassia.

The beautiful village of Kato Korakiana lies near the eastern coast, up on the slope of a citrus and wildflowers covered mountain called Pantokrator, the highest hill in Corfu Island. The town has beautiful beaches and beautiful hotels nearby. See beautiful beaches in Corfu and beautiful hotels in Corfu at the link above.

Video Clip from Beautiful & Sweet Emeral's Cakes in Kato Korakiana!

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