Beautiful Corfu Town!

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The beautiful Corfu Town is the capital and the first beautiful town in the Island of Corfu. Kerkyra is the second name of Corfu and the locals give it the name of Kastropolis because it lies between two castles.

It is one the most beautiful and charm towns in Greece, with the sense of the Greek hospitality preserved in many places. Traditional Greek houses dominate the old town of Corfu / Kerkyra and new modern buildings dominate the modern town.

The two names could possibly reflect both of the ancient scent and the nowadays rhythm of touristy and commercial development. The architecture, art and culture reflect the combination of the Greek, French and British styles in the town of Corfu.

Bars and restaurants in the historical plazas are near the Byzantine churches and the museums. The Museums of Corfu are many and they are in different locations. Some of them are close to each other. The Venetian mansions are in the narrow alleys of the old town.

The French architecture of the buildings in the Esplanade or Platia called Liston that the French built during their occupation in 1807 with arched arcades resemble the Rue de Rivoli in France. This makes the buildings in Corfu / Kerkyra very beautiful.

The English style of the cricket ground on the Spianada and all of that said make this combination the real appearance of the beautiful Corfu Town. In this scenery, the old town and the new town merge, although the old town is in the northern part of Corfu and the new town is in the southern part.

The busiest life in the beautiful Corfu Town is in the new town where most of the shops, restaurants, cafés and bars and banks and the post office, bus stations and the new port lie. The old town is between the Neo Frourio or the New Fortress and the Spianada.

At the north of it is the old port of the island and the new port is at the west. The new fortress is between those ports. The old fortress called Palaio Frouri is at the east towards the sea on the Old Town and a moat separates it from the town.

The local bus station is on Plateia Rocco and the station of the long distance bus is near Avramiou and between Plateia San Rocco and the New Port. Some banks with ATMs are on Georgiou Theotoki, in the area around Plateia San Rocco and on the ports.

The town of green, pink, and clean alleys and thoroughfares and of many sculptures emerges even through the greenery and all of that reflect an easy sense of a very beautiful town. The Ionian Sea adds to this picture the beautiful feeling of the blue waters and the Mediterranean breeze. There is an English local newspaper called the Corfiot.

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