Beautiful Vassiliki Town!

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The beautiful Vassiliki Town or Vasiliki Town, the seat of the Municipality of Apollonii, on the eastern coast of the Island of Lefkada has daily buses linking it to the capital of the island, Lefkada Town and to other small villages in the island.

The beautiful town of Vassiliki has a beautiful beach in the island. It has the best facilities of water sports and it is Europe hottest windsurfing destination for this reason. See beautiful beaches in the second section of the page below the form.

Vassiliki is on the northeastern end of the bay near Apollonii and at the east of Ponti. Ponti is at the other northwestern end of the bay at about 1.8 kilometres and it takes about 3 minutes drive and about 21 minutes on foot. This means the coastline at the end of the bay is less than 2 kilometres long.

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Vasiliki, Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece
Robert Harding
The road to the beautiful Vassiliki Town that link it to the capital of island runs through the western coast to the south. It is about 39.7 kilometres long and it takes about 48 minutes drive. Boats from Vasiliki harbour link it to Frikos in Ithaki Island and Fiskardo in Kefallonia Island.

Windsurfing and sailing agencies offer everything touristy such as car rentals and bikes hiring and boats to Meganissi Island off the southeastern shore of Lefkada, Nydri at the middle of the eastern coast of Lefkada and sometimes to Lefkada Town. Nydri is about 20.6 kilometres at the northeast of Vassiliki and it takes about 27 minutes drive if possible.

Canopy and eucalyptus trees cover the beautiful village of Vassiliki descending from the heights to the slopes and flatland around the sea area. There are some heights in this area of the sea through which the water paths making the narrow Bay of Vassiliki and the natural canal, which surrounded by rocks at its sides.

White buildings and houses with floors and tiled roofs occupy some places around the curve of the sea up to the green peaks and they all reflect in the blue waters. The main white and yellow houses spread in the heart of the green land from the sea area until the other peaks behind them.

Boutiques, travel agencies, restaurants, residential apartments and other businesses occupy the main narrow long street and the sub-paved ways in the beautiful village of Vasiliki.
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Vasiliki, Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece
Robert Harding
Some of the beautiful hotels and restaurants are Delfini, Vassiliki Beach Camping, Heliotropia Houses, Dimitris Studios & Apartments, Armonia Apartments and Vasiliki Bay Hotel. See beautiful hotels in Lefkada Island in the second section of the main page.

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