Beautiful Kapingamarangi Island!

by Folling Heinrich
(Guam Island, USA)

USA, Guam Island, Western Pacific Ocean

USA, Guam Island, Western Pacific Ocean

Tuvalu reminds me of my island in the Pacific Ocean. My island name is Kapingamarangi Island.

The language we speak in Kapingamarangi Island is almost the same language Tuvaluan people speak. We were emigrated from Tuvalu!

Isn't that surprising (men) one day I will visit Tuvalu and learn more about our cultural relationship and customs, (togungo lago folling heinrich dagu ancestor ne hanimoi ih) Tuvalu island.

This means that my name is Folling Heinrich my ancestor was emigrated from Tuvalu Island. Email me @ --- for more information about our islands relationship. Okay, see ya!

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