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The beautiful Tuvalu is a state island and a Polynesian archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, south of the equator and near Kiribati, and it is independent since 1978. It is an archipelago of nine coral atolls, but people inhabit only eight of them.

Vaiaku, the main village on the atoll of Funafuti is located on the island Fongafale which is 12 km long. The widest point of the island, which is home to the airport runway, is around 400 meters.

Half of the kingdom's populations live here. After the Vatican, it is the least populous independent state in the world. Live began in the beautiful Tuvalu Island almost before 5000 years ago.

In 3000 BC, the Austronesians lived in the area of the coast in southern China today and then some of them got further to the beautiful Tuvalu Island. They were primarily a population in Oceania and Southeast Asia.

Beautiful Tuvalu Islands - The Lagoon Paradise

Farmers of millet and rice began to cross the strait to settle in Taiwan as well. Around 2000 BC, migration takes place from Taiwan to southern Japan and the Philippines. New migrations followed the Philippines to Celebes and Timor and from there to other islands in the Indonesian archipelago.

Around 1500 BC, another movement led from the Philippines to the Pacific Islands. The Austronesians are among the oldest people in the history of humankind. Another source claims that people inhabited the Tuvaluan Islands since the beginning of the first millennium BC.

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Tepuka Islet., Funafuti Atoll, Tuvalu
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