Beautiful Tuiva State!

There is nothing called the beautiful Tuiva State until now. In the near future, we may hear about the new name of Tuiva State instead of Tuvalu State.

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When Tuvalu succeeds over climate change threats, it will become Tuiva the new beautiful state. I am not sure, but that is an actual factor to determine changing the name of the State of Tuvalu to the State of Tuiva.

It is fact that the name of the beautiful Tuvalu Islands should have changed to Tuiva since the date some of its people inhabited Niulakita, the newest ninth island. People inhabited this island recently, but the name of the beautiful Tuvalu Island remains.

Niulakita Island is the smallest of the eight beautiful islands and atolls. It is only .5 square kilometre and it has over 100 inhabitants.

Tuvalu means in Tuvaluan language the cluster of eight islands and Tuiva means the cluster of nine islands. Since the state has now nine islands, then the change is inevitable to reflect that the state comprises nine islands but not eight.

Therefore, Tuvalu Islands may become Tuiva State!

There is a proposal to change the name to Tuiva that have not taken effect through legislations in the parliament until now. It may be that they are waiting to address some serious economical challenges in the state and the threats of the climate change.

But, there are many chances for the beautiful Tuiva State to exist.

How Tuvalu Emerged?

The Tuvaluan mythology says that the formation of the beautiful Tuiva Islands happened during the battle between two rivals named Te Pusi (the Eel) and Te Ali (the Flounder). Both of them were friends, but the strength competition turned into fight.

Te Pusi used his magic power to turn Te Ali flat, just like the Island of Tuvalu and changed himself round as the coconut trees. Then he threw the rock to take the white, blue and black colours into the air, where it stayed.

However, it fell down by a magic leaving part of the blue part to form the sky. Seeing that, Te Pusi threw it up again, so its black part turned down to form the night. By another magic, the remaining white part of the rock fell down to form the day.

Nevertheless, there was still a remaining part of the rock for Te Pusi to break it into eight pieces to form the eight islands of Tuvalu. Using the final magic, Te Pusi threw the remaining pieces of the blue part to form the sea.

Well, there is a scientific explanation to the formation of Tuvalu, which gives birth to the beautiful Tuiva State. See relevant pages for this.

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