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You will enjoy those beautiful photos, I promise. They will inspire you and your inspiration could make a difference in your life. We love to get some of your own inspiration here through the comments form, in a way that we could see you are grateful for the inspiration you have gotten from the photos.

The beautiful photos come with captions and annotations I have written for you to read, without even feeling that I was writing at that moment. I ran through my fingers and the letters seemed as dancing because of those beautiful images.

I thought after reading what I have written that the camera was clever. I got the feeling that my fingers were just playing on a piano at the same moment.

So, tracing the same impression, you can read your thoughts while browsing those beautiful pictures. Each one of the photos presents some kinds of sculpture. I enjoyed taking the photos from many places when I felt that they have polite touches of fine arts made by the nature.

The nature makes these samples of fine arts on many places. It does not necessary to mention the name of that place, as the nature does this kind of work in any place where the snow falls.

The snow falls and covers the branches of the trees, paints the landscape with beautiful milky color and even cuts some white sculptures. It also lights the scene. I love the winter nights after the snowfall, for this reason.

The sculptures present many shapes. We certainly would feel these shapes differently and look at them from different angles. But, we could also come with the same interpretation for some images in the following open air exhibition.

The open air exhibitions has launched by the nature in the beautiful places where I shot the beautiful photos. This open air exhibition seems to me well organized. I am just blown away by the magical touches on nature when the snow falls and when it melts too.

The snow melts as usual, so this could be a transitional open air exhibition. The nature cuts those sculpture perfectly on the snow covered field.

You can see the sculptures at night clearly and feel the beauty of the scene. But, when the sun rises another marvelous beautiful scene emerges. Could you see it through the beautiful photos below?

The sun rises to add beautiful touches of fine arts drawing the shadows of these sculptures in the snow field you sees in these photographs. As the shadows take the shapes of the sculptures, they draw different beautiful silhouettes into the scene.

The silhouettes touch the white base of the snow by dark and light colors and ascend sometimes to cover the bases of other sculptures in the beautiful photographs.

Let me know what the first sculpture at the front left of the beautiful photo below looks like. See the first sculpture at the right of the beautiful photo and the third sculpture behind it. What they look like? You and I could have the same interpretation.

See also the two images on the centre of the photo. What they look like? Just answer these questions and tell me how you see these images, before the snow melts. Enjoy humorous thoughts.

Beautiful Photos: Snow Sculptures 1.
Beautiful Photos: Snow Sculptures 2.
Beautiful Photos: Snow Sculptures 3.
Beautiful Photos: Snow Sculptures 4.
Beautiful Photos: The Beauty of Nature in Winter.
Beautiful Photos: Snowy Forest at Night.
Beautiful Photos: The Snow Covering the Trees.
Beautiful Photos: The Snow Colors in the Forest.
Beautiful Photos: Snowy Nature in the Forest.
Beautiful Photos: White Rocks in Winter.

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