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Beautiful Amazonian Scenes: Mist Over the Andes Mountains in Amazonia.

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See the Amazonian beautiful scenes below, read the descriptions, pick your favourite Amazonian scenery and share your thoughts about it.

Beautiful Amazonian Scenes: Amazonian Native People Enjoying Amazonian Carnivals.

Here is a gathering of brown and proud Amazonian native people enjoying their Amazonian colored festivals. This is their way always and their normal habits to celebrate life, their cultural heritage and their rich nature.

Travelers from around the world flock in crowds to enjoy the Amazonian carnivals, other celebrations and discover the secrets of the Amazon.

The Amazon ceremonies take the breath of the national and the visitor alike and with the native people they enjoy the best moment of their lives here in this warmly amazing atmosphere of beauty.

Beautiful Amazonian Scenes: The Beautiful Colors of the Amazonian Sunset.

A touch of amazingly beautiful colors created by the reflections of the beams of the sunset makes beautiful Amazonian sceneries. People have great times enjoying the Amazonian beautiful scenes at this moment after the hard work they do daily.

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Aerial View of Amazon Rainforest and Beach Resort Along the Rio Negro, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil
Ian Trower
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This is the most inspirational area in the world for poets, painters, musicians and writers to play with their instruments to create magnificent scripts, sweet music and pomes, beautiful pieces of paintings and sculptures and even Amazonian tropical dances and colourful festivals.

Beautiful Amazonian Scenes: Candles and Two Eyes Glowing in the Amazonian Night.

Flames of two candles reflect at night to make this beautiful Amazonian scenery. Even the lights of the candles make beautiful Amazonian scenes at night and shape something relevant to the forests.

The first flame shape a leg of a tree with a branch in the shape of V letter and the second flame shapes a leg of a tree in the shape of J letter and a pair of eyes behind it looking in the darkness.

Beautiful Amazonian Scenes: Harmony of the Amazonian Nature Coloring the Horizon.

The harmony of the Amazon nature colors the Amazon horizon, throwing colourful beams of light that touches the horizon warmly and makes that Amazonian beautiful scene. Even the waters reflect beautiful Amazonian scenes. Obviously, the nature produces the most beautiful pieces of art.

At this point, many people find many beautiful places to visit in the heart of Amazonia, enjoy the richness of the natural life and make more fun there.

Beautiful Amazonian Scenes: In the Heart of the Amazon Rainforest.

In the heart of the Amazon rainforest, anyone could lose his way and wish not to leave that beautiful Amazonian place. The condensed flora makes the earth breath fresh air. This is one of the most beautiful Amazonian scenes.

It makes traveling packages to the Amazon fill fast every traveling season and drive good capital for the tourism industry. See the right column for best traveling package to the Amazon and trip reservation.

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South American or Common Squirrel Monkey (Saimiri Sciureus), Brazil
Gerry Ellis
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Beautiful Amazonian Scenes - Useful Resources!

The Commission on Development and Environment for Amazonia prepared this report from the initiative of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty.

The Inter-American Development Bank and the United Nations Development Program supported it to conduct the report based on the concept of an Amazonia that exists beyond the world of fantasy and myth.

It covers an Amazonia of flesh and blood, of human toil, of human history, of human faces and hopes, and future human beings.

It is an analysis based on not only the experiences and technologies of the world today but also, and with greater emphasis, on the wisdom accumulated for centuries by Amazonia itself.

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Aerial View of Rainforest Being Burned to Clear Land to Make Pasture for Cattle Ranching
Jacques Janqoux
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The Amazon region has the largest area of tropical forest on the planet, and concern for its environmental deterioration extends well beyond the borders of the eight countries that form a part of it.

With support from the IDB and UNDP, the Commission on Development and Environment for Amazonia prepared this report that provides data on the region's natural resources, population, health and infrastructure.

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Small Stream in the Upland Rainforests Near Archidona, Ecuador
Gerry Bishop
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Essequibo River, Between the Orinoco and Amazon, Iwokrama Reserve, Guyana
Pete Oxford
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