Which of the Beautiful Niuas Islands is Popular Tourists' Destination?

The beautiful Niuas Islands group is at the most remote and isolated northern part of Tonga. The name niuas means coconuts rich.

The group of the beautiful Niuas Islands is the fourth group in the beautiful Tonga Islands. The other three groups are the beautiful Tongatapu Islands, the Beautiful Vavau Islands and the Beautiful Haapai Islets.

At the southeast of it, is the beautiful Niue Island, which is an island nation belonging to New Zealand. So, the Niuas should not be confused with it.

The beautiful Islands of Niuas comprise the three volcanic islets of Niuatoputapu, Tafahi and Niuafo'ou. The largest islet in the group is the Niuafo'ou islet followed by the Niuatoputapu islet and the Tafahi islet.

However, the most populous islet in the group is Niuatoputapu followed by Niuafo'ou and Tafahi. Niuatoputapu islet has other names such as Keppel island and Traitors island.

The original name Niuatoputapu means the sacred island or the sacred coconut. It lies about 289 kilometres north of the beautiful Vava'u Islands, southeast of the beautiful Tuvalu Islands and near at the southwest of the beautiful Samoa Island. The beautiful Wallis and Futuna Islands are at the northwest of the Niuas Group.

The volcanic islet of Niuatoputapu is 18 square kilometres and there are more than 1,170 people living on the islet. Niuatoputapu volcano erupted about three million years ago and threw its volcanic ash to cover a large area in the islet, which makes it a fertile islet.

The eroded remnant of the volcano has created a 157 metres high hill as well in the northern part of the centre of the islet near the village of Vaipoa, one of the three villages in the islet.

In 2009, a tsunami hit Niuatoputapu following the earthquake in Samoa at the neighbourhood of the islet. Series of large reefs surround the islet of Niuatoputapu and stretch at the northern coast with a passage leading to the wharf in the village of Falehau and the anchor of the boats at the northwest of the wharf. This area includes some of Tonga beautiful sites.

Hihifo is the administrative capital of the beautiful Niuas Islands. It is a small village at the western end of the northern coast of Niuatoputapu islet overlooking the islet of Hunganga.

The administrative offices include the Treasury where visitors could exchange money, the police station, the post office, the telecommunications, a high school and a primary school.

There are small shops and bakeries in Hihifo and Vaipoa. The other two villages of Vaipoa and Falehau are at the west of Hihifo. They have primary schools.

Vaipoa is about 1.6 kilometres on the northern coast east of Hihifo and Falehau is about 3,5 kilometres of Hihifo and 2.1 kilometres east of Vaipoa.

Mata'aho Airport is on the southwestern corner of Niuatoputapu and is about 3.4 kilometres away from Hihifo.

People arrive to the islet by boats from Vava'u, other wharfs in the beautiful places in Tongatapu and through Haapai. Travellers from Vava'u to the beautiful Niuas Islands could spend a day on the water before reaching Niuatoputapu and half a day from it to reach Niuafo'ou.

Boats tours from Nuku'alofa to the beautiful Niuas Islands could take more than two days. However, most of the travellers arrive on private boats to the beautiful Niuas Islands.

At the centre of the western coast adjacent to Niuatoputapu and south of the capital are the islets of Nukuseilala and Tafuna. Hakautu'utu'u islet is at the north.

There are good places for swimming and diving out of the beautiful reefs here along the coastline of Hihifo. The reefs are rich of marine life.

There is a rock called Makamimisi, which means the weeping rock on the coast. Niutoua Spring with its pool is at the west of Hihifo. There are some long beautiful beaches at the northwest and around Hunganga and on the channel between the adjacent islets.

The shallow waterways near Hihifo and at the west of it run between the islets of Tafuna, Nukuseilala, Hunganga and Tavili.

There are campsites around the waterways and on the beaches along the southern coast of Hihifo. When the tide is low, people walk to camp on Hunganga islet.

The Niuatoputapu Guesthouse is south of Hihifo. It offers single, double beds rooms and meals upon prior requests.

Niuafo'ou islet is 50.3 square kilometres and it has more than 745 inhabitants. Its name means the new coconut. People know it also as the Tin Can island and the Good Hope.

Niuafo'ou islet is at the northwest of Niuatoputapu islet. It is the first larger islet in the group of the beautiful Niuas Islands and the second populous islet, although the volcano is active since thousands of years.

The volcano eruptions in 1912 and 1929 destroyed Futu with the harbour and damaged the vegetation at the west of islet. The volcano eruptions continued in 1935, 1943 and 1946.

The last eruption was strong and the inhabitants left the islet to settle in 'Eua island following the orders of queen Salote. However, some of them returned to the islet in 1958.

Niuafo'ou is almost circular and the crater occupying its heart with a large lake and a small lake separated from it by sandy hills.

The coast is rocky and steep and there are some black stones on the sandy beaches. The harbour is at the end of the lava flow in Futu at the west.

The landing strip of the Queen Lavinia airport is at the north in Kolofo ou, near at the northeast of Angaha, the volcano destroyed village.

The other places and villages are at the north and the east, including Fata ulua down of Kolofo ou, Mata aho south of it, followed by Mu a, Tongamama and Petani.

The telecommunications, the post office and the airport are in Angaha at the north. There is a high school in Mu'a.

There are two lakes in the islet. Vai Lahi, which is a crater lake with three islets and there is a landscape with sand hills separates it from Vai Si'i lake or Vai Mata'aho is at the northeastern part of it.

Forests cover the islet on the inner walls of the crater lake and the eastern and western slopes. There are trails around the crater leading to beautiful sites and a sulphur spring.

People stay on camps near the crater on the shores of the lakes and the guesthouse in the village of 'Esia near the airport.

The Tafahi islet is the smaller of the beautiful Niuas Islands, as it is only 3.4 square kilometres and there are more than 150 inhabitants in this islet.

It is about 8.5 kilometres near at the northeast of Niuatoputapu. It takes about one hour on boats from Falehau in Niuatoputapu. Some Kava and Vanilla grow in the volcanic islet. There are two landing sites at the east and the south connected by a trail.

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