The Beautiful Haapai Islets are in the Ha'apai Group of Islands!

The most important and beautiful Haapai Islets start with Foa. People reach Foa islet at the north of the beautiful Haapai Islands by the local bus or a bike from Pangai through the causeway or by boats.

There is a beach resort on the sandy white beach at the north of Foa and the mentioned tomb of Hulu'ipaongo on the way. The Sandy Beach Resort has bungalows at the beachfront with a restaurant.

It offers bushwalk guides, airport transport, kayaks, canoes, bicycles, horses, game fishing, diving, and arranges seaplane to Tofua islet, boat tours to other islands and snorkelling gears. The Niu'akalo Beach Hotel organizes tours to the beach on the Sundays.

The uninhabited Nukunamo islet is at the north of Foa islet. There is a white beach covered with shells. When the tide is low, some people reach it walking or snorkelling from the north of Foa islet. However, the water passage is dangerous.

Uoleva islet is almost uninhabited islet about 2 kilometres at the south of Foa islet and at the north of Tatafa islet, covered by coconut plantation.

The beautiful sandy white beach is wide and there is a forest at the back of it. The reefs of Uoleva are at the northwest, the wide bay of Uoleva is at the southwest and there is a straight strip at the southeast.

The most of the beautiful sites in the beautiful Haapai Islets here are around the coasts of Uoleva. This area is good for snorkelling and sometimes watching the immigrant species of the Pacific sea turtles.

Accommodations are available on Captain Cook Resort near the white beach. Tonga Visitors' Bureau arranges day tours to Uoleva. Captain Cook Resort offers transport to Uoleva, and the Watersport of Ha'apai offers boat tours to the islet.

People could walk from Lifuka to Uoleva, when the tide is low and there are no high waves, but this is something not predictable, as the high waves could rush suddenly.

'Uiha islet is at the south of Uoleva islet and Tatafa islet and southeast of Ha'apai Island. The Tongan Visitors Bureau, the Watersport Ha'apai and the Tu'ifua's Shop on the quay of Pangai offer boats to the islet.

There are two villages in the islet; 'Uiha village and Felemea village. Felemea village is about 2 kilometres south of 'Uiha. The only accommodation here is 'Esi 'o Ma'afu Homestay at the beach with the Tongan stylised structure and a small shop.

It prepares food, offers cocking facilities and hires a boat for tours to the other beautiful Haapai Islets and snorkelling and fishing gears.

There are other facilities here such as horse riding, canoe, volleyball and tennis in the sport ground of the village and the village handicraft facilities. 'Uiha has a wharf at the northwest with some boats connecting the islet to the other beautiful Haapai islets.

There are royal tombs in a large area serving the islet as the most visited historical sites in addition to two cannons at the church of 'Uiha, the Tongan natives has captured from a Peruvian slave ship they destroyed in 1863.

The Makahokovalu ruins or the eight stones as the Tongan word means, which are nine joined stones making the shape of the "L" letter, are at the north of 'Uiha village. The northern tip of 'Uiha Islet ends with beautiful coast covered by trees, from where the Tatafa islet is clear visible.

Tatafa islet is that kind of islet a rich person dreaming of having an island as a property can think of. It is between Uoleva islet at the north and Uiha islet at the south. It is very close to 'Uiha. At low tide, people walk on the sea or across the reef to it. Walking on the sea seems as a pleasure in the virgin beautiful Haapai Islets. Tatafa islet is uninhabited islet, but it has beautiful beaches.

Ha'ano islet is at the north of Nukunamo islet and Foa islet. It is accessible by water taxi from Faleloa in Foa islet. The bus runs from Pangai to Faleloa and the people attracted by the clean Ha'ano islet and its beautiful beaches take the sea taxi from there to it.

There are some locations in Haano islet such as Muitoa at the north, Haano at the central western coast, Pukotala south of it and Fakakakai at the south of Pukotala. All those locations are on the western coast. At the west of it is Luahoko islet

Tofua islet is the largest of the group of the beautiful Haapai islets on the southern Pacific at the west of Uoleva, Uiha and Tatafa. It is a volcanic islet with the circular crater at the heart of it stretching a little to the south. It is very near of Kao islet and is at the southwest of it. At the southeast of it is Nomuka islet.

It lies in the zone of the virgin tropical forests. The volcano is active and there is a clear water in the lake at the bottom of the circular carter.

A track from Tofua lake leads through the virgin forest of Tofua; a forest full of tree ferns, ironwood and birds, through which the track goes to the fields of scoria and pumice produced by the volcano to the rim of the vent of the volcano.

The Pacific Island Seaplanes fly daily from Nuku'alofa and from Lifuka to Tofua and land on the Tofua lake and the company provides camping tours in the beautiful Haapai Islets. In addition, the Watersport Ha'apai in Lifuka leads guided volcano treks and volcanic dive safaris to Kao and Tofua.

Kao islet is in the volcanic area within the beautiful Tonga Islands at the northeast of the volcanic islet of Tofua. The highest mountain in Tonga here is clear visible from the nearest beautiful Haapai Islets. The Watersport Ha'apai in Lifuka leads guided volcano treks in this area too and the Pacific Island Seaplanes take visitors to this location in Kao islet.

The other beautiful Haapai Islets include Ha'afeva, Luahoko and Nomuka. Ha'afeva islet is at the southeast of Tofua, and at the southwest of Uoleva and Uiha.

It is also one of 100 beautiful places in Haapai. Luahoko islet is at the northwest of Lifuka and Foa and west of Ha'ano islet. Nomuka islet is at the south of Kao islet, southeast of Tofua and southwest of Lifuka, Uoleva and Uiha.

There is a lake in the centre of Nomuka and high coral reefs surround it. It has smaller islet called Nomuk'iki, in which the last term means smaller. People know the Nomuk'iki islet as a prison where the prisoners work as labourers in the plantations of the islet.

In addition, the rest of the islets in the group are Hunga Tonga and Hunga Ha'apai at the south of it. They are twin islets at the most southwestern part of the beautiful Ha'apai Islets and west of Kelefesia. The twin islets were volcanic islets for some hundreds of years in the past.

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Tongan Musical Performance! The Beautiful Haapai Islets!

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