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Beautiful Amazonian Pictures: Green Macaw in Amazonia.

There is a macaw native to Amazonia called Military Macaw (Ara Militaris) in the Amazon Rainforest in the Ecuador. The beautiful macaw above may not be a military macaw. But, here is a different macaw from the one above.

However, if you think that the first one is a macaw, please use the form below to write about this bird. You could upload beautiful Amazonian pictures with your submission too. Thanks.

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Military Macaw (Ara Militaris), Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador
Pete Oxford
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Macaws are often colored and long tailed parrots. But, they are rare in the family of Psittacidae genera (true parrots). So, the macaw is a genus Ara kind of parrots and it is native to tropical Latin America.

There are two extinct species and eight extant species of macaw. This is what makes naturalists and environmental experts concern of protecting rare species of bird on Amazonia.

Beautiful Amazonian Pictures: Amazonian Village in the Amazon Rainforest (Amazonia).

One of the beautiful pictures in the Amazon rainforest where the trees cover an Amazonian village at the back and the greenery spreads along the river. The natives use some of the trees, which they believe that they produce natural herbs to cure illnesses and enhance their health.

They believe in the harmony of the nature offered by their great river, which reflects in their daily life supported by the power of nature. They also build their rituals and myths from the work and attachment of the combined natural resources. See useful resources below.

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Fog Hovers in the Treetops of a Peruvian Amazon Basin Rainforest
Maria Stenzel
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Beautiful Amazonian Pictures - Useful Resources!

The following resource gives you more information about the topic above. This is a doctor's astounding story of promising new treatments from the rainforests of Brazil for diseases that compromise the immune system.

A native patient gave Dr. Thomas David a packet of leaves and bark as a gift during his work visit to Brazil. He received also a recipe for a tea used by the rainforest people to treat a variety of ailments from a shaman.

Dr. David used these plants immediately in his clinical research in Europe and soon discovered that they were producing amazing results among patients suffering from cancer, AIDS, and other diseases that compromise the immune system.

Preliminary studies performed at Stanford and Harvard have substantiated his findings, bringing Dr. David international attention for his groundbreaking work.

Miracle Medicines of the Rainforest: A Doctor's Revolutionary Work with Cancer and AIDS Patients
Beautiful Amazonian Pictures: Amazonian Village in the Moonlight in (Amazonia).

At night, the moonlight touches the Amazonian rainforest with its silver lights. Here is one of the beautiful Amazonian villages touched by the lights of the moon and the blue sky throws its blue color to reveal the black image of the village at night.

The Amazonian myths tell sometimes about the good spirit of the jungle that travels between the trees, emerges from the depth of the great river and breathes healthy essence to dispel the bad spirits and clean the forests.

Beautiful Amazonian Pictures: Amazonian Rainforest at Evening.

The Amazon rainforest at evening where the river becomes flat and the clouds paint a beautiful Amazonian pictures reflecting in the waters and traveling slowly across the wide area of the rainforest.

Just before the night falls heavily and many people rest their bodies and souls on their beds, they enjoy beautiful evenings with their families, cook, eat, drink, dance, chat and hear their elders.

Beautiful Amazonian Pictures: The Amazonian Rainforest Full of Waters.

The river runs among the trees softly sometimes without corroding the soil. However, it sometimes takes some of the soil that shapes the earthy waters in some other places. There are many thousands of seeds and plants in this area. Among those plants are so many herbal plants as mentioned above.

Beautiful Amazonian Pictures - More Resources!

The Seeds of Amazonian Plants (Princeton Field Guides) is a useful source book that offers more information about this topic.

It is the first field guide to treat the extraordinary diversity of seeds and diasporas of plants commonly encountered in the Amazon and other lowland moist forests of the American tropics.

This stunningly illustrated guide features an easy-to-use whole-plant approach to seed identification that provides detailed descriptions not only of the seeds but also of the habit, trunk, bark, leaves and fruit of Amazonian plants, as well as information about the known uses and distribution of each genus.

Presenting these descriptions together with 750 full-color photos and a unique identification key, this premier field guide enables users to identify seeds of 544 genera and 131 families of plants.

Beautiful Amazonian Pictures: Sailing in the Amazonian Rainforest at Evening.

At the evenings, just minutes before the darkness, some natives enjoy sailing. There are some other beautiful Amazonian pictures about this topic on other pages.

You can read those pages through the links at the top of the page. In addition to the beautiful Amazonian pictures, here are some relevant pages from other beautiful sights in Latin America and some other image pages. See the right column and the end of the page.

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Dugout Canoe on the Amazon River Surrounded by Tropical Rainforest, Peru
Jason Edwards
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Aerial Image of a Road Through Former Rainforest Cleared for Agriculture and Cattle Raising
Jacques Janqoux
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