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Beautiful Amazonian Photos: A village on the Amazon.

Here is one of the villages on the Amazon. It looks like so many villages in the third world, under developed and still virgin like the most of the villages in South America and other villages in Africa and Asia.

The life of the people is simple and the social relations keep them very close to each other. So, they support each other and have that sense of a really simple family life.

It may appear that lazy life is going here, but certainly, the people are beautiful and they look into life purely. Beautiful people, as always seems to be, have no complications and no hard feelings about things running around them.

Beautiful Amazonian Photos: The beautiful full moon of the Amazon.

This is one of the beautiful Amazonian photos. The beautiful full moon throws beautiful beams of silver colors on the Amazon. It reflects beautiful images on the waters of the Amazon and sometimes seems as if the two moons, the original moon on the sky and its image on the waters indulge in warm whispers.

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Aerial View of Amazon Rainforest and Tributary of the Rio Negro, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil
Ian Trower
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The trees throw some leaves on the waters to hear what they whisper and the anthem they hear run through the waters to their roots deep in the ground.

The complete essence that rises from this dialogue of the nature, which the natives take deep inhalation of it, could make some of them poets to reveal the magical spirit of the Amazon.

Beautiful Amazonian Photos: The climax of the Amazon colors.

When the ecstasy of the full moon through the night vanishes gradually and elapses, assimilated by the first beams of the sunrise, the beams of the sun takes the place of the moonlight on the waters and the leaves of the trees in the Amazon rainforest.

They color the skies too and spread the climax of the Amazon colors on the entire area. This is one of the beautiful Amazonian photos too.

Beautiful Amazonian Photos: The Amazon magical touch on a native.

To this point, the Amazon spirit with its rich colors thrown by the nature, touches the natives and mesmerizes them. Here is an Amazonian native touched by the elixir of this spirit thrown by the climax of the moon, the Amazon River and the trees of the rainforest and living his own spiritual ecstasy.

White-Fronted Capuchin (Cebus Albifrons), Puerto Misahualli, Ecuador

White-Fronted Capuchin (Cebus Albifrons), Puerto Misahualli, Ecuador - Pete Oxford. Get posters to make your walls, or your website pages beautiful.

This is one of the beautiful Amazonian photos. The Amazonian carnivals color the lives of the natives in Amazonia. Normally, the carnivals in South America continue to 3, 4 days and sometimes to 7 days.

They begin in many beautiful places in Latin America and those places get busy and full of Native Americans and tourists from around the world. The carnivals have different names, occasions and destinations.

Beautiful Amazonian Photos: The Amazonian carnivals.

As public streets parties in the Amazon, they spread from Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, French Guiana, Peru and Brazil to Bolivia, Paraguay and down to Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

However, the most well known Latin carnival is the Brazilian carnival and the largest one there and in the entire world is the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro. Most of the carnivals in Latin America perform masking events, circus activities and dances such as samba.

Tiger Longwing Butterfly (Heliconius Hecale) Eggs on Plant Tendril, Peruvian Amazon

Tiger Longwing Butterfly (Heliconius Hecale) Eggs on Plant Tendril, Peruvian Amazon - Mark Moffett. Get posters to make your walls, or your website pages beautiful.

Beautiful Amazonian Photos - Useful Resources

The Brazilian Carnival Dance Workout: Samba Reggae is is one of the useful resources to dance like Brazilian. It is about the carnival in Bahia, one of 26 provinces in Brazil, at the northwest, along the Atlantic. It gives you more information through well-performed activities.

The natives gather on the streets of the city of Salvador de Bahia during the carnival and the city throws the Brazilian excitements on the streets. The DVD is about the Brazilian Carnival Dance Workout: Samba and Reggae and it obviously brings the excitement and energy of the Bahia carnival from the streets of Salvador to your home.

Carnival, Olinda, Nr. Recife, Brazil

Carnival, Olinda, Nr. Recife, Brazil - Peter Adams. Get posters to make your walls, or your website pages beautiful.

The mask might reveal more than it conceals. The second resource, Masking and Power: Carnival and Popular Culture in the Caribbean visualizes the masking practiced in Caribbean cultures-not only in the familiar milieu of the carnival but in political language, social conduct, and cultural expressions that mimic, misrepresent, and mislead.

Focusing on masking as a socially significant practice in Caribbean cultures, Gerard Aching's analysis articulates masking, mimicry, and mis-recognition as a means of describing and interrogating strategies of visibility and invisibility in Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Martinique, and beyond.

Masking and Power uses ethnographic fieldwork, psychoanalysis, and close literary readings to examine encounters between cultural insiders as these locals mask themselves and one another either to counter the social invisibility imposed on them or to maintain their socioeconomic privileges.

Sunset over Lowland Tropical Rainforest Along Amazon River, Amazon Basin, Brazil

Sunset over Lowland Tropical Rainforest Along Amazon River, Amazon Basin, Brazil - Gerry Ellis.

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White-Fronted Capuchin (Cebus Albifrons) Sitting on Branch, Puerto Misahualli, Ecuador
Pete Oxford
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