Beautiful Parana River!

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Beautiful Parana River, Iguacu River, Iguacu Falls.

Beautiful Parana River, Iguacu River, Iguacu Falls.

The beautiful Parana River or Rio Parana begins at the confluence of the Paranaiba and Grande rivers in southern Brazil and runs across large area in Amazonia.

It is the second longest river in Latin America after the Amazon. It runs through the southern part of central South America through many countries.

From the confluence, the river flows in a generally southwestern direction for about 619 kilometres before encountering the city of Saltos del Guaira, Paraguay.

This was once the location of the Sete Quedas waterfall, where the Parana fell over a series of seven cascades. This natural feature was said to rival the world famous Iguazu Falls to the south.

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Iguacu Falls Parana Brazil
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The falls were flooded, however, by the construction of the Itaipu dam, which began operating in 1984. For the next approximately 200 kilometres, the beautiful Parana River flows southward and forms a natural boundary between Paraguay and Brazil until the confluence with the Iguazu River.

Shortly upstream from this confluence, however, the river is dammed by the impressive Itaipu Dam, the second largest hydroelectric power station in the world (after the Three Gorges Dam in the People's Republic of China), and creating a massive, shallow reservoir behind it.

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View of a Waterfall, Iguacu Falls, Iguacu River, Iguacu National Park, Parana State.
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After merging with the Iguazu, the beautiful Parana River then becomes the natural border between Paraguay and Argentina. The downtown Posadas in Argentina overlooks the Parana River and Encarnacion in Paraguay is across the river.

The river continues its general southward course for about 468 kilometres before making a gradual turn to the west for another 820 kilometres, and then encounters the Paraguay River, the largest tributary along the course of the river.

Before this confluence, the beautiful Parana River passes through a second major hydroelectric project, the Yacireta dam, which is a joint project between Paraguay and Argentina. The subfluvial tunnel of Begnis (Hernandarias Subfluvial Tunnel) connects Parana city with Santa Fe.

Rivers of Argentina: Paran√° River

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