Which of Zante Municipalities is Bigger Municipality?

Six administrational areas make Zante municipalities or the municipalities of Zakynthos. Some of those municipalities of Zante are large and some are very small.

However, all of them have interesting locations, some beautiful landmarks and other tourists' attractions in the green flat land, the heights and the bays.

The six municipalities in Zakinthos are Zakynthos Municipality and prefecture, Alykes Municipality, Arkadion Municipality, Artemisia Municipality, Elatia Municipality and Laganas Municipality.

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The Municipality of Alykes stretches 43 square kilometres from the coast on the northeast of Zakynthos Island to the west.

Elatia Municipality or Elaties border the municipality at the north and the west, the Municipality of Artemisia or Artemissii at the southwest and Arkadion Municipality or Arkadii at the south and the southeast.

It is one the smallest of the municipalities of Zante but also one of the beautiful greenest municipalities of Zante. The villages in Alykes Municipality are in the heart of greenery and they offer good mountains views deep into the nature and the Ionian Sea.

There are more than 4,796 inhabitants in the Municipality of Alykes. The majority of the population, which reaches more than 1,287, lives in the seat of the municipality, Katastari. The next largest towns in the municipality are Skoulikado, Agios Dimitrios, Pigadakia, Alikanas and Kato Gerakari.

The census of 2001 states those villages have some few hundreds inhabitants, but seemingly the numbers of inhabitants are great than that mentioned. However, the population numbers might have dropped in few villages.

According to that census, there are 1,287 inhabitants in Katastari, 574 inhabitants in Skoulikadon, 433 inhabitants in Agios Dimitrios, 394 inhabitants in Pigadakia, and 341 inhabitants in each of Alykanas and Kato Gerakari.

Katastari is about 15.6 kilometres at the northwest of the Capital City, Zakynthos and it takes about 23 minutes drive. It is 12 kilometres northwest of Tsilivi and it takes about 19 minutes drive. The distance of the rest of the villages from Zakynthos is comparable according to the distances between each other.

The coastal road that runs to the north from Zakynthos to Volimes and then turns west links the seat of the Municipality of Alykes to the capital of the island.

Katastari is very near of Alykes or Alikes as it is about 1.6 kilometres away at the southeast and it takes 2 minutes drive to Alykes and Alykanas or Alikanas is about 4.6 kilometres at the northeast and it takes 7 minutes drive.

Skoulikadon or Skoulikado is about 3.8 kilometres south of Alykes, 4.2 kilometres southeast of Katastari and 7.3 kilometres southwest of Alykanas. Agios Dimitrios is only 1.8 kilometres east of Skoulikado, 5.2 kilometres southeast of Katastari, 3.8 kilometres southeast of Alykes and 7 kilometres southwest of Alykanas.

Pigadakia is 4.1 kilometres northwest of Agios Dimitrios, 1.9 kilometres south of Katastari, 2.4 kilometres northwest of Skoulikado, 1.4 kilometres southwest of Alykes and 4.9 kilometres southwest of Alykanas.

Alykanas is about 4.8 kilometres northeast of Katastari. Kato Gerakari is 6.6 kilometres southeast of Katastari, 5.5 kilometres south of Alykanas and 4.9 kilometres southeast of Alykes.

There is a post office in Katastari and there are many shops, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants serving traditional and international food, and some hotels, studios, rooms and villas in the surrounding resorts near the town.

See beautiful Zante hotels and beautiful Zante beaches. For more information about Katastari lodgings, Katastari restaurants, Katastari villas and Katastari attractions see the second section of the page or use the search tool at the top right column.

The Municipality of Arkadion or Arkadii Municipality covers 26 square kilometres at the northeast of Zakynthos Island stretching from the coast to the west. The Municipality of Alykes borders it at the north and the west, the Municipality of Artemisia at the southwest and Zakynthos Municipality and prefecture at the south.

Arkadion Municipality is smaller than Alykes Municipality. However, it has more population than Alykes. There are more than 4,830 inhabitants in the entire Municipality of Arkadion. The seat of the municipality is Vanato Town.

The most populated towns after the seat are Planos, Agios Kirykos, Tragaki, Kalipadon and Sarakinadon. There are more than 820 inhabitants in Vanato Town, more than 823 inhabitants in Planos Town, more than 725 inhabitants in Agios Kirykos Town, more than 621 inhabitants in Tragaki Town, more than 604 inhabitants in Kalipadon Town and more than 538 inhabitants in Sarakinadon Town.

Vanato is about 6.3 kilometres northwest of Zakynthos Town and it takes about 12 minutes drive. Planos is about 4.6 kilometres at the northeast of Vanato and it takes about 9 minutes drive. It is about 6.7 kilometres at the northeast of Agios Kirykos or Aghios Kirykos and it takes about 13 minutes drive.

Aghios Kirykos is about 5.6 kilometres from Tragaki at the north and it takes about 8 minutes drive. Kalipadon or Kalipado is about 3.2 kilometres at the south of Tragaki and it takes about 5 minutes drive. Sarakinadon or Sarakinadois about 2.1 kilometres southeast of Kalipado and it takes about 4 minutes drive.

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