Why People Evacuate Ontong Java Atoll?

by John Smith Ula
(Lord Howe Settlement, China Town, Honiara, Solomon Island)

I am concerned on the statement that you have already mentioned above. As you state, I think it is true because I know it, as I`m the one whose home is Ontong Java Atoll, or Luangiua, which is one of the largest atolls in the world.

To contribute to this, I should say that the island at that time looked so beautiful, where green forests grew and the wealth of resources in the sea, such as species like turtles, fish, etc... were available as future potential resources.

Even on land like taro, giant taro and coconut around the island, which are corns and tubers of several plants in the Araceae family were growing so great.

But, the people that time had not suffered, as nowadays, because they had so many resources to access a lot of them and use them to improve their livings. Nowadays there are many problems facing the people on Ontong Java Atoll.

They all depend now on only one of the past days resources, which its price is high which is bechdemer sacks. The disappearance of many resources is due to the climate change. The island looks more worst, where the sea level rise causes the size of the soil ground on the coastal areas to reduce and thus the population escape to the high land.

So, the effects of global climate change left no space available for the population to locate for nurturing their resources. Therefore, they started to evacuate to the urban areas. This is what I can tell and provide as a point of view.

Thank you very much all of you.

Comments by A Student at USPSI Campus in Honiara. He lives in Lord Howe Settlement, China Town, Honiara, Solomon Island:

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